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Upskill People

e-learning for the hospitality and retail industries

Upskill UK Web Design Animation

The brief

Revitalise Upskill People’s look and feel to attract future businesses and learners who expect a modern and friendly user experience from an online training provider.


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What we did

To communicate the benefits of the Upskill People service, we developed a bold and colourful illustrative style which was enhanced with animation on the website. We teamed the visuals with a concise and engaging copy style which mirrored the clarity of the company’s learning content. The new look was rolled out across all marketing platforms.

Developing a bold colourful illustrative style for Upskill
Creating Upskill’s tone of voice and website design
We ensured the website design was responsive for mobiles

“The website looks fantastic and has most certainly lived up to our expectations. I can’t thank the Rawww team enough. I’m delighted!”

– Managing Director, Upskill People.

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