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Reinventing a well-established British brand, MesmerEyez, wanted to reflect the iconic nature of their brand name, and capture both B2B and B2C audiences worldwide.

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The challenge 

MesmerEyez needed to modernise its branding to ensure their contact lenses were seen as an ‘essential’ cosmetic product by an image-conscious audience. The brand also needed refreshing to better reflect their USPs, and push their ‘Naturalz’ product.

Modernising a British born brand 

With an already strong legacy, we worked with MesmerEyez to modernise and simplify the branding, evolving the iconic logo eye mark to reflect the mesmerising nature of the brand name.

The two different product offerings, ‘Naturalz’ and ‘Xtreme’ needed to become sub brands, allowing them to work under, rather than alongside, the overarching MesmerEyez brand. Both sub brands also needed to have equal visibility, to ensure the product priority wasn’t losing its focus. Now, both products have their own dedicated straplines, with messaging updated to reflect the British-made aspect of the brand.



A trendy new LookBook

The brand colour palette has also been refined to continue to work with MesmerEyez’s current packaging, with secondary colours injected occasionally. As part of our revised brand experience, the contact lens brochure has been transformed into a trendy ‘LookBook’ of products, to appeal to a more fashionable audience.

“We’re so thrilled with the outcome of the work achieved by Rawww. The modernising of our brand has helped us reach a wider audience and elevated our brand USPs so both sub-brands are now equally visible.”

– Marketing Manager, MesmerEyez