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Think about the brand experience (not just the logo design)

Brand Experience

A brand’s image is more than just about a logo design, especially as our daily lives are crammed full of them everywhere we go, online and offline. It is important to stand out amidst all the noise.

How your logo looks is important (we’re not denying that) but what is crucial to note, is it plays a part of something even bigger – your brand. People learn to recognise and associate your brand as a set of visual clues and as part of a bigger picture, what sits around your logo and how your brand is positioned needs to be considered at every stage; from being online (mobile, apps, website, email and social) down to offline (print adverts, billboards, press and stationery). Consistency is key, but your brand also needs to be flexible in how it is perceived and tailored to its audience.

Having all these different marketing avenues is great, but the trouble is they all come with their own restrictions. For example, mobile-first design means your logo is seen small on mobile and social platforms / apps, which tend to have square placeholders for images that we can’t change, therefore, today’s leading brands are in danger of leaving their personality behind by adopting an increasingly simplified look… this means the logo can become a little too simple and everything around it needs to work harder. As a result, there is a need for more flexibility when it comes to your logo and brand guidelines.

Google is a very interesting brand when it comes to looking at how they have evolved their brand to suit an ever changing fast paced brand world. The brand is much more flexible that it ever was.

Brand Experience

The brand works well in our increasingly mobile world, spanning across multiple platforms and devices. The clever and colourful variation of the letter G also shows how the brand can be adapted to work across mobile platforms, yet it is still recognisable. But you can also see how with a simple logo, what sits around it makes it feel ‘Google’ without even having the name anywhere. Now that is powerful.

A good brand is powerful. Not sure where to start? Seeking advice, inspiration and ideas from a creative agency can help. Talk to us today and discover how we can help you evolve your logo into a truly seamless and flexible brand.


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