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Using AI to manage your brand’s online reputation

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

With the rise of artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT, search engines are becoming increasingly more capable of understanding where your brand lives online, and it isn’t just about your website – here at Rawww, we can show you exactly where you stand with our Free Brand Tracker Audit . Read on to discover the advantages of good online reputation management, the negative impact it can have if you don’t keep an eye on it, and how to understand where your brand is mentioned online. 

What is an online reputation?

Put simply, an online reputation, or e-reputation, is the reputation of a company, person, product, service or any other element on the Internet and digital platforms. Managing your online reputation is essential for any business in order to monitor and identify how they are perceived by others, particularly consumers, online. 

In today’s online world, everything can impact a brand’s online reputation – from comments on social media, reviews to inaccurate profile listings, and as business mogul Warren Buffet famously said: “A reputation takes 20 years to acquire, and five minutes to lose.” and that was before the Internet. This is why taking control of your online image and having a strong online reputation management strategy is essential in protecting your brand and driving more business. 

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The effect AI has on your online reputation

From improved response times to valuable insights, AI technology has changed the way we approach online reputation management. From providing a seamless customer experience and managing consumer expectations correctly to increase customer loyalty and develop a positive online reputation, AI can help you achieve this. AI applications such as chatbots, allow you to resolve customer problems before they even exist and encourage them to make a purchase. Further to this, by gaining a deep understanding of your customers and recording their browsing data, AI can create personalised email content, to suggest the most effective types of content for each individual, helping to boost your brand visibility and revenue.

But in the same way that AI tools can help with managing your online reputation, it’s also responsible for drawing more attention and emphasis to your brand’s online reputation than ever before. Now with AI, search engines are able to use online brand reputation to determine trustworthy websites and rank them higher in search results. AI algorithms can also scan the Internet and social media platforms, analysing all your brands mentions in real time and presenting this to potential consumers searching for your brand, which makes it important that what it does find is as positive as can reputation

The benefits of online reputation management

So, we’ve spoken about the impact of online reputation and the influence of AI, but what are the direct benefits of online reputation management

As you might imagine there’s a range of benefits to online reputation management. Starting with building trust and credibility, a positive online reputation reassures new customers in particular, when they are making a purchase from your business and increases the likelihood of repeat custom and word-of-mouth marketing which helps to boost sales too. 

Building and maintaining your brand image can be a challenge, but by managing your online reputation you can control how your brand is perceived. Gaining insight into your social media presence and ensuring your online profile is accurately listed are all ways to manage your online reputation and build a glowing brand image. This also relates to brand visibility, an advantage of being active online is that you can increase your brand visibility, even globally, and reach a wider audience. 

Don’t ignore the business insights a strong online reputation can provide too, from customer satisfaction, product quality to overall business performance – when you manage your online reputation you can see first hand the areas in need of improvement and work to better these to increase revenue.

Free Brand Tracker Audit

In order to fully reap the benefits of online reputation management you need to know where your brand’s reputation stands in the first place, and that’s where we can help. Our free and detailed Brand Tracker Audit provides insight into how your brand is currently perceived online and offers insight-driven strategy, recommendations and improvements that will maximise your brand’s online potential.