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A tale of how No Ordinary Hospitality Management was inspired by the pandemic to help others in the hospitality industry. The website and branding was in need of a refresh to clearly communicate their message and tailored services to their audience whilst simultaneously reflecting the luxurious nature of the brand.



No Ordinary Hospitality Management is a consultancy that offers bespoke services to business owners that need personalised and effective hospitality management solutions. 

With decades of combined experience and dedicated support, No Ordinary Hospitality Management prides itself on helping venues overcome challenges in order to provide key competitive advantages and revenue growth across the hospitality industry.


During the pandemic, No Ordinary Hospitality Management witnessed the impact of lockdown on the hospitality industry. As a result, the managing director and operations director of Coombe Abbey Hotel joined forces with their knowledge and expertise to create NOHM.

They wanted to use their skills and experience to support others in the hospitality industry, from hotels and restaurants, to cafés and food outlets, in becoming more lucrative and expanding their services both during and after the pandemic.

Their name and hospitality branding needed to be developed to stand out from the competition, with strong messaging that accurately reflects who they are and what they do, enabling them to build trust and relationships with potential clients.

No Ordinary Hospitality Management had a vision to be a recognised and respected management company with an engaging, user-friendly website that generates enquiries about their services.


For the hospitality branding, the use of the arrows guide customers through the website, and the abbreviation of the name has been used to create a symmetrical compass to reflect hospitality moving in the right direction. The green, bronze, and marble pattern was selected to portray a luxurious and professional aesthetic, as well as to highlight the colours and materials that might be found in a hotel or restaurant. Green is a prosperous colour, which reflects the outcome clients need from NOHM. The messaging on the website is clear and concise, making for a seamless customer experience. With a professional and elegant copy tone, this reflects the prestigious nature of No Ordinary Hospitality Management. With a desire to focus on encompassing all aspects of hospitality, this is portrayed through the strapline, ‘Taking hospitality in the right direction’, which now corresponds to their new hospitality branding. The website was designed to introduce No Ordinary Hospitality Management, who they are, what they do, and their client portfolio in order to generate trust and brand awareness, while also garnering enquiries from potential customers.

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