Top 3 Common b2b digital marketing mistakes made by Tech companies and how to avoid them

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Are you looking to improve your B2B digital marketing strategy so that you can attract more customers to your software and SaaS products or services?

Being in the tech business, and at the forefront of cutting edge technology with regards to all the latest developments in software and the products that come with it, means you already hold a certain gravitas when it comes to attracting customers. Especially because, these days, a lot of SaaS and Tech businesses look very similar, which means, for a business to be strong, the right approach is crucial. In this blog we take a look at 3 common digital marketing mistakes made by software companies and how best to avoid them.

Mistake No.1 – Not having a coherent digital marketing strategy

Not having a coherent digital marketing strategy could make your brand appear disjointed, unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Having a brand that has a consistent tone of voice – which echoes your key USPs and clearly shows what your product or service is – across all your platforms and mediums is a crucial part of a successful B2B digital marketing strategy.

Improve your overall brand experience:

  • Creating a style guide that sets the standard for your brand’s values, tone of voice and visual look
  • Determining the strategy for getting your brand out there such as social media, web, podcasts, online forums etc
  • Having a clear idea of your brand tone of voice

Mistake No.2 – Not knowing the lifetime value of your clients

By this, we mean understanding the measure of revenue a client will generate over the time they use your company’s goods or services. Not knowing your client’s measure of revenue, which makes it hard to make clearly defined marketing decisions.

To avoid this, invest time in researching and making a clearly defined calculation on your target group(s), what they’re looking for, how long for, and why as a way of gaining insightful data (via segmentation and customer personas). You can also utilise online platforms to understand your brand’s target demographic and predictive analytics for future purchase behaviour. A good creative agency can help you with this.

Mistake No.3 – Not utilising social media platforms enough

Social media is, arguably, one of the most crucial ways to connect and engage with potential clients and customers.

Create a social media marketing plan and be clear about the objectives you want to achieve, outlining specific objectives, your budget, how you intend to engage with your audience and measure your results, and look at what resources you need to gain the insight and results you’re looking for, plus:

  • Choose the right social media platforms – make sure you’re spending your time on the ones relevant to your B2B target audience
  • Review your competitors to understand what they’re doing
  • Research brand, products and software hashtags that engage with specific topics relevant to your target audience
  • Ensure your plan is focused on key updates to your software, directing users to support channels, outlining your road map for future releases
  • Don’t just rely on written posts, use interesting infographics, videos and create polls/surveys
  • Respond to people who take the time to review, comment on or share your content
  • Share stories of employees and customers to humanise your brand to prospective customers whilst also showcasing customer service

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