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Spotlight on our work with OnePLM


Rawww have been working with Siemens software specialists Majenta PLM who recently merged with the company Cutting Edge, in a new rebrand to become ‘OnePLM’. The team enlisted our help to develop the new brand into an online experience.

Managing a merger online

Working closely with the two teams from Cutting Edge and Majenta PLM, Rawww helped with the online migration and merging the two previous brands into one for OnePLM.

To ensure the digital merger went as smoothly as possible and that all the digital changes were informed, we created a brand migration strategy for OnePLM. This strategy followed Rawww analysing both Cutting Edge and Majenta PLM’s previous websites and Google Ad accounts, before choosing the higher performing website to use for OnePLM.


Refreshing a brand website

Rawww adapted the new brand to work online on the chosen website. OnePLM required help with taking the brand direction forward and refreshing their website. We worked to revise all colouring, fonts and some of the layout designs to help make the call-to- actions stand out more.

We also supported with client content migration, including updating internal and external links within blogs, and assisting with other copy updates where necessary.

An all encompassing digital merger


As part of the migration, we carried out detailed SEO research and delivered an updated SEO strategy for OnePLM to implement in the new website.

We also formed a Google Ads migration strategy and worked to realign all previous Google Ads for both Cutting Edge and Majenta PLM to now be suitable for the new OnePLM brand.

OnePLM now have a new refreshed website following the merger. We’ve worked to ensure the new website and brand is consistent across all pages and offers a smooth experience for users.

Looking to refresh your brand’s website or need help with your digital strategy? Get in touch with a member of our team today and let’s see where we can take your business.


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