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May 2023 Good Stuff Round Up

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From a powerful new identity for mental health platform, ToBeHonest, to big brands, such as BMW, successfully leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing and more. May has been an insightful and empowering month, packed full of creative marketing. 

Join us as we discuss the Good Stuff that caught our attention in May. 

BMW embraces AI to improve sustainability – what is AI’s place in the marketing world?

AI BMW rawww round up Although AI has been around for years, the sudden surge in interest has seen many industries and brands embrace the digital tool to improve processes. It seems to be having a particularly strong impact on the automotive industry, with German based automotive manufacturer, BMW Group, recently detailing how AI will enable them to yield future positive business outcomes. 

The brand has started to invest resources in helping to improve sustainability with the help of AI. Having noted that 60% of the world’s population lives in cities and urban areas and that’s also where 70% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated, BMW is attempting to help city drivers reduce their emissions. With the assistance of machine learning models, BMW is able to identify and predict how traffic regulations can potentially help to reduce both traffic and gasoline emissions. AI learning models are also helping to identify areas with a lack of sufficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as this is making it harder for people to switch to electric vehicles, which in turn has an impact on sustainability.

There’s certainly a place for AI in the current digital world we live in. But, how far do you see this going and where does it sit within the marketing world? Only time will tell. 

An ‘imperfect’ rebrand for ToBeHonest

Designed specifically for Generation Z, mental health support platform, ToBeHonest, needed a new brand identity that encouraged a shift in attitude towards mental health in the US. Austin-based design studio, Viola, worked with the brand to bring their vision to life and break down the stigma attached to mental health support. 

With their young student target audience in mind, ToBeHonest wanted to ensure users feel a sense of ease while navigating the platform. To do this, Viola created a brand that is “imperfect”, just like all of us. “Imperfection can be fun and cool,” says Julien Renvoye from Viola. The so-called imperfect work is based around a colourful and optimistic palette that aims to capture the energy and personality of ToBeHonest, “bringing comfort and joy” to those who access its platform. Combined with a modern and friendly typeface that embraces the unique qualities and communicates the spirit of the platform, and motion graphics, the new identity has been implemented digitally and is set to be rolled out across all touchpoints later this month. 

Nike’s marketing slam-dunk with the Air Jordan brand

With Ben Affleck’s new movie, Air, set to be released in cinemas later this week, it has left many people interested in Nike’s brand history and the journey they took to build a strong brand reputation. The film tells the story of how Nike created the Air Jordan brand, their most successful brand to date having generated nearly $5bn (about £4bn) in sales last year alone, according to Forbes. 

The biopic explores how the shoe was marketed for success, having originally suffered big knock-backs and struggling to break into the basketball market, as at the time Nike were primarily viewed as a running brand. It was all down to a marketing executive called Sonny Vaccaro, who was challenged with the task of seeking potential sponsorships, and in 1984 stumbled upon a rookie basketball player by the name of Michael Jordan. Building on Jordan’s unique style and image, Nike saw this as their opportunity to break into the basketball market with a fresh and famous face. And as they say the rest is history. 

Micheal Jordan soon became one of the most well known names in basketball, which propelled the shoes success and even saw the iconic design branch out into a clothing line. Air Jordan has become as much a fashion symbol as the leading choice for basketball players, and it was all because they dared to invest in an underdog. 

Will you be sitting down to watch the new film to learn all about Nike’s impressive brand history? 

We share our Good Stuff round up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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