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July 2022 Good Stuff Round-Up

July was a powerful month all about inclusivity, representation and more for the people. Brands like PayPal rebranded to reflect their diverse community and Royal Mail honoured the inspiring Commonwealth Games with a new stamp set.

Join us as we unpack our favourite creative marketing pieces from July in our latest Good Stuff round-up.

PayPal becomes all about the people in new rebrand

PayPal took on a brand new visual identity this month, which was much more vibrant and people focused to align with the brand’s mission. The refresh included a new colour palette, a redesigned logo and new photographs too.

PayPal’s senior director for brand marketing strategy Emanuele Madeddu explains that the new strategy aims to “champion the needs and wants of PayPal customers and also is inclusive of any geography, gender, income, values, and demographic.”

The new colours have been inspired by PayPal’s iconic gold with blue type payment button. The updated photography is centred around people from all different walks of life and incorporates the separate blue ‘P’s’ to emphasise PayPal’s presence and influence in so many people’s lives.

Their rebrand has done a great job at reinforcing their drive for inclusivity and diversity, better reflecting the PayPal community.

Royal Mail’s nod to the Commonwealth Games

This month it was Royal Mail’s turn to honour a major sporting event, as they revealed their set of eight stamps specially produced to celebrate the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. They took a different approach with this collection of stamps, refraining from using photographic or photo realistic images on the stamps.

Instead, the stamps they produced were abstracted illustrations, with refreshing and vivid colours used alongside them. The mosaic and neo-futuristic compositions that made up the artwork on the stamps demonstrates the diversity of the games and overall represents the Commonwealth in a new way that has not been seen before.

The colours used capture the excitement and emotion of the Commonwealth Games, as well as looking modern and urban to pay tribute to Birmingham the host city. This year’s games are one to be remembered, not only is it the 22nd anniversary of the event, it is also the first time in any major mixed sporting event there will be more medal events for women than for men. As well as this para sports are now fully integrated within the games rather than having its own separate event.
The brief for the collection of stamps was clear, they had to be representative, inclusive and encompass these great changes that had been made to the games. The stamp illustrations attempt to equally represent male and female athletes as well as para-athletes.
The designers did a great job of capturing the electric feel of the 2022 Commonwealth Games and ensured they accurately represented an event that has made history, which we all will remember.

Pinterest offer more for their merchants and users

Pinterest announced this month that they were introducing new commerce integrations, including product tagging on Pins and a Pinterest API for Shopping.
With the new Pinterest API for Shopping, merchants get access to new catalogue management and product metadata features to enable more efficient data quality for their products. The new “Product Tagging on Pins” shopping feature allows merchants to make their lifestyle Pins shoppable.
The new features that have been introduced by the brand have been designed to drive engagement, conversion for sellers and overall make it easier for merchants to create engaging shopping experiences for users.

We share our good stuff round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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