6 reasons why you should choose a creative external agency over an in-house design team

Creative Director
Monday, January 31, 2022

What is best for your business; your in-house team or an external agency?

In today’s increasingly fierce business landscape, having a thorough and effective marketing strategy is more important than ever.

Both an in-house design team and a creative external agency have their advantages but as an external agency ourselves, we know the benefits our clients reap from working with us, so here are just a few to help you make your decision.

1. A new way of thinking

Keeping your marketing in-house may seem like a no-brainer; after all, who knows your brand better than your team? However, it’s not uncommon for creative ideas to dry up and become stale. Coming up with new ideas can be challenging when you’re working on the same brand day in and day out. Creativity and marketing can be inconsistent and as a result, you end up creating marketing content that loses sight of the target audience.

To avoid the need to reinvent your brand each time you evaluate your marketing strategy, why not opt for an external agency? Enlisting the help of an external agency can provide a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective on your brand with the potential to see creative and marketing opportunities that you may have otherwise overlooked. Bursting at the seams with creativity, varied expertise, and scalability, external agencies can leverage your business and increase your chances of acquiring new customers.

2. You’ll always be ahead of the game 

external agency vs in-house

The breadth of skills and level of abilities found in an external creative team means that from initial strategy right through to completion, a brilliant partnership of minds ensures your marketing strategy will cut through the noise and connect with audiences.

External agencies like us at Rawww live and breathe design, digital, brand and creativity (just like you do in your own sector). Part of our job is to seek new ways of working, designing and coming up with ideas to push the boundaries to ensure your brand realises and reaches its full potential.

By collaborating with a creative agency, you’ll be able to take advantage of these trends and skills and apply them to your marketing without having to do it yourself. 

3. Tap into a wider skillset

In-house teams are likely to have one or two designers, whereas an external agency will have access to a team of writers, designers, web developers, and strategists all with a wide range of specialist skills. Our project managers can design, our designers are bursting with creativity in more than one avenue, and our social media teams can write and strategise – so we’re not just one-channel creatives at Rawww. This means that your business will benefit from a larger pool of talent that you can tap into as and when you need it. 

Whereas in some situations, a company will only have one Marketing Executive who will also be responsible for the design output. Not only does this add strain on their shoulders, but it also restricts creativity as the need to meet deadlines becomes paramount. 

4. An extension of your team

external agency vs in-house

An external agency‘s main objective is to serve as an extension of your company’s creative vision. As a result, partnering with a creative external agency can help you fill in the gaps you’re missing while also freeing up resources in your internal design and marketing teams.

There’s a fear among businesses that creative agencies will be difficult to contact, and that you’ll have to go through layers of account managers to reach the creative who carry out the projects. That isn’t true. At Rawww, the people you speak with are the ones who execute the work, so things move quickly. 

We understand our clients’ objectives, and since we retain contact with them and create the work ourselves, we can effectively produce their vision. 

5. It’s actually more cost effective and less of a long term commitment

Many businesses look at the cost as a direction of which is better, in-house vs external agencies. Having access to a pool of talent in an external team can be much more cost effective than being restricted to one person trying to get all the work done. The comprehensive level of content produced is far richer than what can be created in-house, and with the ability to get work done more efficiently, this will benefit your business in the long run.

A daily rate for an external agency is generally less expensive per month than a full-time employee in your office – and don’t forget about the overheads! 

This can be much more flexible depending on how you work with an agency; you can opt to work on a retainer basis so you have a certain number of studio days per month, or on a project-by-project basis so we’re there as and when you need us. This means you won’t have to worry about hiring a full-time employee and trying to fill their days when the work is thin or during slow periods.

6. Takes the pressure off your internal team

When you have an internal team, it’s easy to pull them away from their work and assign them to other priorities that aren’t necessarily in their job description. This means they’ll have a backlog of work to deal with as a result, which can lead to stress and frustration to deliver. 

Pairing up with an external agency can help you avoid this risk, providing you with a wealth of creative ideas and strategic marketing insights and solutions, freeing your internal team of any extra responsibilities. 

We’re committed to what we do as an agency, and you can count on us when you need us. As we’re located in the heart of the UK, we’re easily accessible meaning there’s no risk of losing a resource due to priorities in other departments.

Add real value to your marketing 

Both in-house and external agencies are proactive and offer effective solutions for marketing. We may be biased but having access to a varied set of skills and talents in an external creative agency can provide your business with ample opportunities to maximise your potential – just what you need to break through the noise. 

At Rawww, we’ve helped a range of new and well-established businesses to maximise the reach of their marketing campaigns. Think your business would benefit from some added creative support? Get in touch with us for a chat and a cup of tea and discover how our creative agency can help your business grow. Who knows where your next marketing campaign could take you.