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Swanton Care

Creating a cohesive and inclusive brand for Swanton Care

Bringing together a community of 6 care and community brands.

Providing users with the ability to search and discover 64 supported living locations quickly and easily.

Expressing a commitment to care where every moment matters.

Working with a national provider of care and support to create a united brand.



Swanton Care are a national group provider of health and social care services. They support people with a range of complex needs, both mental and physical. Their specialised nursing and supporting living services ensure everyone in their care is supported and empowered to live their life to the full as a valued member of their community.


As a well established and trusted care service with years of experience, Swanton Care purchased new acquisitions, which helped to expand their offering and locations of care and support nationwide. However, this meant that each acquisition needed to gel well together and sit under one Swanton umbrella, without losing their name and value of what they do to help build the brand. 

Their website was also out of date and didn’t reflect their USPs and services very clearly, or cater for the user very well when looking for the support they needed. A lot of supportive elements of the website were missing, as well as recruitment, and it didn’t reflect the support and care the brand provided on a personal level, to the individuals they supported through to community integration.


Swanton Care needed a brand direction that was cohesive, compassionate, personal and inclusive. From the discovery audit it was clear that there was an agreed feeling of disconnect within the brand, with a strong desire and need to modernise and improve their online branding in order to help those in need find the right support for them or their loved one.

We helped to bring together the different groups under one roof with evolved brand concepts that captured everything the group stood for in one entity. The typeface and logo were modernised, with the added curvature of the font to help the brand feel softer and more supportive with the introduction of the hands. The original Courtyard Care logo felt very corporate and didn't match the brands values, so we updated this with the use of hands to tie in the brand values and ethos better. We also kept the purple and green colours that are recognisable to the Swanton brand.

We created brand guidelines, including a tone of voice guide and provided the brand with new and innovative assets that aligned with the brands ethos and values.

Swanton Care Brand Guidelines

We designed and developed their new website with user experience at the heart. When visiting the website, users can easily navigate the services and support they need, read personal stories and news updates, that show the impact Swanton Care have on the people they support. With the introduction of various languages and accessibility tools, the website is inclusive for every type of user.

We also designed and developed the website to include an in depth search function and map, which includes 64 different locations of care homes and services they provide.


“The whole team at Swanton Care wanted to pass their thanks on to Rawww for all your hard work, the website and logos have been so well received. We hadn't realised the scale of the impact the new look would have on people, especially as it brings everyone equally under 1 umbrella and place. Initial impressions on LinkedIn have been great too, eye catching and easy to navigate which is what we were aiming for. Again, thank you Rawww for your work and brilliant designs. ”

- Regional Director (North East) and Registered Manager - Swanton Care

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