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True Traveller

An aspirational brand for the aspirational traveller

To help True Traveller maintain its standout position in a fiercely competitive market and stay connected with its adventurous audience, through updating and refocusing the brand and website.


true traveller website design
true traveller website design

Travel insurance designed by travellers

The True Traveller was originally established in 2010 as a company specialising in adventure holidays by three traveller friends. As each knew the importance of having really good travel insurance, they also set up their own insurance scheme alongside the adventure holidays.

Today, True Traveller offers three core insurance policies created by travellers for holidaymakers, adventure travellers and backpackers. The team approached Rawww to help develop their brand and website to stay inline with audience expectations and increase conversions online.

true traveller website design

Branding to inspire safe travel

Our creative strategy for True Traveller’s branding refresh focused on how to connect with seasoned travellers who are looking for more than just standard travel insurance.

We knew the target audience would be curious about exploring new landscapes and through the use of inspiring photography of exotic locations, it encourages a feeling of escapism, helping to sell that epic moment travellers crave.

As True Traveller’s marketing strategy covered different media platforms, it was important the branding would work well across both digital and print. We focused on defining the visual approach with a simple colour palette and developed a bespoke set of brand icons.

The directional arrow in the logo was also extended to give more prominence to the idea of ‘seeking an adventure’ and appealing to travellers who are looking ahead at their next trip.

true traveller website design
true traveller website design
true traveller website design

Improving user experience to increase bookings

When searching for travel insurance online, most holidaymakers are looking for quick, relevant information and for the booking process to be simple. True Travellers’ previous website design wasn’t providing a good user experience and they were consequently losing potential customers.

To improve conversions online, Rawww redesigned True Traveller’s website with a focus on user experience and ensuring the all-important quote process was quick, easy and intuitive. Through the use of the brand icons, we were able to simplify messaging across the website and make content more memorable and easily digestible to travellers.

true traveller website design
true traveller website design
true traveller website design


“Engaging a design house to totally revamp your brand can be a very daunting task, especially considering the importance and effect it can have on your business, not just for tomorrow, but for the foreseeable future. We were fortunate to have Rawww recommended to us, and I’m pleased to say that the whole experience, and the result, exceeded our expectations tenfold.”

- Director - True Traveller

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