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Our top five emerging design and UX trends for 2022

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Each year, we’re presented with outstanding and creative design from brands across the world, but how can you differentiate from the competition in 2022?

As we navigate our way through the new year, it’s time to get ahead of the curve and consider the standout design and UX trends worth implementing. From interactive typefaces to glass morphism and black and white colour palettes, we’ve outlined our top five UX design trends for 2022 so you can reach new heights with your user experience over the next 12 months. 

Trend 1: Interactive typefaces

interactive typefaces

It’s no secret that animation is one of the biggest trends in design, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be applied to typography. 

Working best using a hover state, interactive typography is all about enhancing the user experience through moving or shifting lettering, maintaining a balance of readability and clarity. If you keep it simple you’re guaranteed to make a statement.

As we enter another hopeful year, expect to see bold, quirky animations used to bring branding and design to life. 

Trend 2: Glass morphism 

A series of glass panels floating in the vertical space.

Another year, another popular UX design trend for 2022, and taking centre stage is glass morphism. 

Using vibrantly coloured backgrounds, layers, shadows, transparency, and frosted-glass effects, glass morphism challenges and bends boundaries. Although it’s not a new design concept, it’s continued to evolve with modern fonts, colours, and shapes to keep it fresh.

This simple yet effective design trend is one to watch and will certainly keep you ahead of the competition.

Trend 3: Oversized pointers

oversized pointers

Keeping things interesting in the design world are oversized pointers. This isn’t something you would usually see, however, they’re becoming increasingly stylish and popular – but why?

So many websites are packed full of creativity and oversized pointers are adding a twist to the usual cursor. By enlarging it and giving it quirky elements such as a change in colour, size, and transparency, these pointers help elevate the user experience.  

It’s safe to say these are pointing the way to a positive future in 2022.

Trend 4: Black and white colour schemes

black and white colour schemes

Stripping it back and going back to basics, the black and white colour scheme is at the forefront of design UX trends for 2022.

Black and white colour schemes are the most impacting and beautiful design trend for the year ahead. Without interjecting colour, you’re forced to think about design within constraints.

Keeping things simple, having this colour palette gives the design a modern and elegant approach. Although the stark aesthetic is seen everywhere, why not enhance interactivity to give your design a unique edge over the competition?

Trend 5: Virtual and augmented reality 

augmented reality

In the wake of Covid-19, the development of virtual and augmented reality has been accelerated within design. 

Particularly popular within gaming and product promotions, developers can create a natural and transparent UX design that can transpire onto advanced website platforms too. This gives customers a creative and engaging experience.

Set to open up a variety of opportunities in 2022, virtual and augmented reality are paving the way for future gaming and technology driven design.

That’s our top five UX design trends for 2022 in a nutshell. If you’d like a hand nailing down any of these trends for your brand next year, get in touch with us.

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