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Top 5 emerging brand trends for 2022

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As the need for creativity when it comes to branding and design is more important than ever to enable you to stand out from your competition, it’s time to put on your creative hats and prepare for the emerging brand trends for 2022. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy list to help you along the way…

1. Humanising your brand

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It’s no secret that customers love to feel connected and recognised by their favourite brands, which is why in 2022, brands are set to become as human as possible. 

There is a rapid rise in the use of characters and brand mascots as these create a positive consumer response. Not only do they help you come across as friendly, but they help you distinguish yourself from the competition and are unique to your brand. A similar approach can be achieved with your design. It’s crucial to choose the colours and fonts that define your brand’s personality as these reflect your identity and can make you more approachable.

To establish a strong connection with your customers, utilise social media and strong photography to increase engagement. Incorporating images of your team will add a human element to your brand and allow your consumers to resonate with your brand.

2. Logo adaptability

logo adaptability

Many businesses are recognising the importance of having a logo that is immediately recognisable, scalable, and adaptable in a variety of ways. As a brand’s logo is its backbone, keeping it clean and simple will ensure it stands out from the competition.

Being adaptable means being able to use your logo on a variety of platforms and in various formats. Many brands will have a master logo that can be changed for usage in social media posts and stories, print ads, and online marketing, among other things. 

To implement this brand trend in 2022, try stripping back your logo or developing a signature icon instead of always using the full logo. This can help your brand to stand out from competitors and become more recognisable.

3. A sense of nostalgia

brand trend nostalgia

While some brands are trying to keep on top of modern and new brand trends in 2022, others are opting for a simpler approach by adding a sense of nostalgia. 

Working especially well for established brands with decades of marketing presence. This is a subtle way of reminding the users that your brand has plenty of experience, therefore, they can trust you.  

Expect to see more companies take inspiration from their history and bring it back to evolve future iterations of their branding. This evokes a nostalgic feel and emotional response from customers, therefore strengthening the bond with the brand.

4. Quirky branding

quirky branding

Hand-drawn illustrations, unique imagery, as well as overlapping elements, asymmetry, and unconventional design, are examples of quirky branding today. All about bending the rules, quirky branding incorporates unexpected design elements to convey a feeling of playfulness and individuality.

Quirky branding enables brands to make a statement by incorporating everything that wouldn’t usually be seen in branding as a way to express the fun nature of the brand and stand out from the competition. 

These quirks reflect a more accessible, personal side of a brand, much like the humanisation trend, to create a connection with your consumer. Quirky branding is also effectively engaging and eye-catching, making it an impactful brand trend for 2022 and definitely one to watch.

5. Gradients

gradients, brand trend

What once began as a fun tool in PowerPoint, gradients are now appearing in the design world, spreading across social media, digital art, branding, and logo design.  

Colour gradients are becoming increasingly popular as they’re versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create visual interest and serve as backgrounds, quickly becoming a brand’s signature piece. 

While radial and linear gradients are common, triangular gradients feature several light sources for depth and dimension, giving you a more modern, timeless aesthetic.

To create a perfect gradient, the general rule of thumb is to use more than three similar, monochromatic, or complementary hues. A colour that is set to make its mark is the new colour of the year shade from Pantone. The beautiful muted blue and purple tone, named Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, is deemed the happiest and warmest of all the blue hues and is expected to feature across new branding and design as the year progresses.

For expert advice and help on how to choose and adopt the right branding, get in touch with us today and get the ball rolling for 2022. 

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