The top 7 graphic design trends that have stood the test of time

Lewis Holloway
Head of Design
Thursday, July 7, 2022

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of graphic design trends. Many come and go, but a few have stood the test of time and shaped the graphic design world as we know it. We’ve picked out the top 7 trends that have become staples in design. 

1. Embracing simplicity 

In a world that can sometimes unnecessarily overcomplicate things, one thing that has never gone out of style in the design world is simplicity. Understanding to embrace simplicity is key when designing for the web, and is a graphic design trend that will always be used. 

Whether it’s your logo or website layout, over-cluttering and including too much is not the way to go if you want your design to work.  

2. Unique and recognisable design 

Now going the opposite way with the unique and recognisable graphic design trend. Making sure you are recognised in an oversaturated market can be tough, especially with things like social media, allowing designs to be viewed quickly and fast with a lot and not leaving a lasting impression on the audience. 

Although being remembered for your design is possible. Take Nike for example, their design has truly stood the test of time. Nike’s is a universally recognised brand, because they’ve managed to stay consistent over the years and created an individual brand that doesn’t mimic others.

You may be considering how you can stand out in your industry with a unique design. For the best results, you should choose a dedicated creative agency to help you create a recognisable design and take your brand to the next level. 

Check out our blog on why you should choose an external creative agency over an in-house design team, here. 

3. Playful illustrations

Over the years playful illustrations have become a popular graphic design trend and we’re seeing them being used more often now. It’s interesting as there was a heavy focus on stock images a few years ago, but illustrations are making a comeback. 

The great thing about custom illustrations is that they allow graphic designers to play around with colours and inject some fun into the brand. They catch people’s eye and make scrollers stop in their tracks. They’re also authentic and unique to a brand which helps you stand out from competitors. 

The great thing about custom illustrations is that they’re tailored to your brand, they help users associate a certain set of illustrations to you, which is great to install trust and familiarisation with your audience. This is why we, at Rawww, love our custom illustrations, they really represent the modern and creative brand that we are. 

We’ve also designed custom illustrations for revenue generation company ATM, who wanted to inject their brand with a sense of playfulness and stand out from their competitors who are usually quite straight and plain. Their illustrations offer a great point of difference and support their strong messaging regarding teamwork and culture. 

4. Minimalist Retro

Minimalist Retro works so well because it taps into the idea of nostalgia. It uses old-school fonts, organic colour palettes, warm tones, soft shadows and natural textures. With most of its stylish references coming from the 70s era, where vintage was all the rage. This type of graphic design works especially well with business logos, editorial features and product packaging.

5. Authentic and honest

The authentic and honest graphic design trend works a treat for brands who want to be considered genuine and credible. Users appreciate authentic photography as it helps them determine whether to trust and use your brand. 

Although you should never judge a book by its cover, people still do of course. If the first thing they see is a generic stock photo they’re not likely to be impressed or have any desire to choose you over the other hundreds of brands who have similar images up on their website. By showing an authentic image of your team, your product or even your office, it specifically relates to your company and instantly makes you more trustworthy. Genuine design photography also allows your brand to be more transparent and improves your brand reputation. 

6. Typography with a twist

Typography with a twist is an upcoming graphic design trend. It’s a great way to bring attention to something and can be achieved in many ways. Whether that’s having one letter that’s upside down, or a different colour or font, the idea is that it is trying to get across a message in a clever way. 

Typography plays a significant role in your brand personality. Playing around with what works best for your brand is key, whether that’s funky fonts, sophisticated styles or handwritten typography to add a personal touch to your brand. 

7.  Responsive logos – simple logos

In 2022 especially, there’s been an increase in brands reinventing themselves and mainly their logos. Opting for a simplified version of their logo, dialling back on the excessive detail and complex designs. Pringles did this with their iconic logo last year, which caused an uproar amongst fans. 

One thing is for certain, simple logos are easier to recognise whether small or large which could be why brands like Pringles and Volvo, who stripped back on their colour logo making it all black, are opting for simple logos to breathe fresh life into their well-known brands. 

These 7 graphic design trends have essentially shaped the world of graphic design and every year brands find new ways to play with them. It’s good to experiment and learn which designs work best for your business and brand. 

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