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Tackling The Obstacle Race Magazine

The Obstacle Race Magazine

We’ve been working on a great project recently which has opened our eyes to a whole new fitness scene. Obstacle Race Magazine is all about one of the fastest growing UK fitness trends: OCR, or Obstacle Course Racing.

Working across branding, online, and also on the magazine itself has been a great workout – you may even see us out on an obstacle course soon…

Just think Tough Mudder and you’re on the right track.

Initially, we put together the overall branding and logo design, featuring strong yellow and black with barbed wire accents as a nod to the tough nature of these races. After putting this all together into the Obstacle Race Magazine website, it was clear the magazine’s identity was already taking shape and stood out amongst the other OCR brands.

Obstacle Race Magazine

It was then time to tackle the overall magazine design. Weighing in at 100 pages, this was a big task but one we really enjoyed. We pulled together the layout in partnership with the magazine editors, putting all their thoughtfully written race reviews, gear reviews, racer profiles and top tips into one great looking package.

With a loyal following on social media, the magazine is making a great impact already.

The Obstacle Race Magazine team is keen to get their magazine out to as many OCR fans as possible and it’s now due to go on sale in 307 WH Smiths nationwide. We’re looking forward to issue number two.

Get your hands on a copy at a WH Smiths near you.

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