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Spotlight: Vivo Speech Analytics

Vivo Speech Analytics

Ever heard of speech analytics? It’s a clever tool that quickly analyses all incoming and outgoing phone calls, ensuring businesses have full control of their communications.

Cool, hey? Luckily for us, we currently work with one of the latest innovators, our existing client: Vivo. They came to Rawww looking for help in creating a brand and website experience that reflected exactly who they are and what they do. Here’s how we got on…

The brief

With a new product (Vivo Speech Analytics) to shout about, Vivo wanted to bring to life the speech analytics experience through an innovative type of online user experience.

The creation

To really express the story of speech analytics in an easy-to-digest way, we decided to utilise the latest in-browser animation methods, to ensure both user engagement and entertainment.

The Vivo website takes you through the speech analytics experience step-by-step, ensuring the user knows how it works, who it’s for, whom it will benefit and why prospective customers should sign up to it. Why don’t you take a look for yourself, here.

Vivo Analytics

The result

Vivo Speech Analytics now has an inviting, user-friendly website that encourages users to explore the site further. It tells the full story of speech analytics, and cleverly expresses the true benefits of the products in a digestible and entertaining way.

Looking to introduce something a little different to your website? Get in touch with a member of our team today, and let’s see where we can take your business. Visit the Vivo Analytics website.

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Find out how we provided Vivo support on a new brand and product positioning to help bring their Speech Analytics products to life

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