Good Stuff.

September 2022 Good Stuff Round Up

This month we take a look at brand refreshes and campaigns that really stole the show. From microbreweries to fire stations, these stand-out brands went all out on colour, innovation and creativity to resonate with their audiences.

Join us as we discuss the good stuff to come out of September. 

John Lewis helps us feel at home

The retailer, John Lewis, have ditched their old ‘never knowingly undersold’ price promise slogan and switched to a new and fresh brand position with their customer focused ad campaign.

As part of their new strategy, after facing huge losses over the last five years, John Lewis, who hold their title as advert champions, have released the ‘for all life’s moments’ campaign with a series of videos about the stages of life that we travel through with John Lewis always by our side.

The emotional advert presents a father’s perspective of a family story, from looking after his newborn child, to the daily school drop off, with John Lewis’ products featuring throughout all of these special life moments, despite how big or small they may be.

The company aims to support their customers through the current economic circumstances. John Lewis’ campaign inspires trust, support for all those experiencing difficult times, and across multiple product industries, they keep the consistency that we need, know and love. 

It certainly pulled at our heart strings, but will this new identity really reel in new customers?

London Fire brigade take a plunge into colour

A new, modernised, 3D typeface has been made for the London Fire Brigade to represent the real nature of what they do.

The geometric type style originates from many of the old-school fire engines and Victorian horse drawn carriages that once featured 3D lettering to imply a historical, yet ‘modern twist’ to the new designs. It aims to present the characteristics of the ‘unique but familiar, human, approachable, strong and robust’ team of the London Fire Brigade, and we really think it does!

We especially love the use of their iconic red and yellow colours in the lettering to remain recognizable, yet prominent and look forward to seeing this feature in numerous stations.

Have you spotted the new graphics yet?

Canadian microbrewery create a strong brand identity

The original Canadian microbrewery, Granville Island, have created a new brand identity to help them stand out of the crowded market. 

Whilst most craft beers have an illustrative design, this identity was constructed around shifting to bold colour blocking, individual typography and using their diamond shape as an equity throughout their packaging, to set them aside from other microbrewery companies. 

Working with illustrator Antony Miller, Granville Island, wants to resonate with the ‘do-ers, seekers and adventurers’ of their target audience, which their new lifestyle designs definitely do.

Their new identity has begun to feature across packaging, and we can’t wait to see what they will do when developing new signage. 


We share our Good Stuff round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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