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Get Adventurous with SEO Travel Trends for 2017

SEO Travel Trends 2017

The way we plan our travel has changed. You only need to look at current SEO travel trends to see just how much we have moved away from using traditional travel agencies.

And, because companies can analyse search engine queries and web traffic debate, we get even more of what we want. This knowledge allows us to have greater feeling of control over our travel, resulting in us being more adventurous in how we find our dream destinations!

With this in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at how SEO travel trends of 2017 work to pinpoint just what travellers are looking for, where they want to go and which websites come out on top when it comes to getting people to their websites. And, by delving even deeper into the data, we were able to look at other significant factors such as which hits were organic, referrals and paid – and where social media plays a part in getting those all-important web visits. Here’s what we discovered…

Most Visited

It comes as no surprise that TripAdvisor leads the way when it comes to looking for one of the most visited travel websites – both here in the UK, the US and beyond. According to their own media centre, there are 455M monthly average unique users searching an astonishing 570M reviews and opinions of everyday people.

Viator, TripAdvisor’s online distribution platform for everything from tours and activities to trips, also attracts a significant number of users with over 415M travel planners every month due to their global affiliate partner channels and 175,000 (and counting) travel agents.

Most Wanted

When it comes to most searched for holiday destinations, it’s no surprise to learn that Brits still enjoy a holiday romance with sunny spots closer to home. Internet searches, bookings data and research polls consistently show destinations such as Mallorca , the Canary Islands and the Algarve, Portugal at the top.

But we do like to venture further away too! A recent list compiled by TripAdvisor for their rentals side showed a surprising increase in searches, clicks and high ratings for destinations such as Mexico, British Columbia and Brazil.  

Most Driven

Social media plays a big part in influencing our thoughts on travel with Facebook dominating, driving a whopping 82.03% of the traffic. The second biggest influencer in social media is YouTube, with 6.22% – but the difference in percentage between the two is huge!

Big on Backlinks

High quality backlinks work and TripAdvisor is, once again the leader with the majority of its referral traffic coming from highly trusted travel-related websites such as

How about you? Are you taking the time to analyse your own data? Get it right and you’ll get the interest,and interaction, customers need! In fact, they prefer a more customised, digital experience that is tailored to their needs.

At Rawww, we also recommend that our clients have a fully optimised website with a mobile friendly site for those on the go. Our own, specialist digital content and SEO team work to client needs to develop a strong plan moving forward. For inspiration and examples of our work, which includes clients such as easy-Jet, Saga, Park Resorts and, take a look at our dedicated travel area on our website.


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