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The good, the bad and the ugly: Recent logo redesigns

It’s not unusual for brands to update their logos and give their identity a refresh, which is exactly what big brands across the globe have been doing this past year.

A logo change is a big leap for a company, and if done well, it can bring new life to the brand and increase sales. However, if the redesign is executed badly, it can be incredibly damaging.

Here we take a look at the success stories of some recent logo redesigns, as well as the logo redesigns that didn’t quite hit the mark.

M&M’s hit the sweet spot with inclusivity identity 

recent logo redesigns M&M’s are renowned for the four bold colours on their branding; red, yellow, green and blue. However, the recent logo redesign puts inclusivity centre stage. 

In an attempt to create a world where “everyone feels they belong”, M&M’s has updated its colour palette to celebrate the full spectrum of race, ethnicity and culture. 

As part of the rebrand, M&M’s has also created its very own custom typeface named ‘All Together Serif’. Quite possibly one of the most significant design elements in the rebrand, this typeface evokes a sense of fun and unity.

The love felt with this new inclusive identity is described to be “just like pouring out a pack of M&M’s”.

We think it’s a great logo redesign from M&M’s. The well-loved brand and its inclusivity move are backed by the world, and it’s certainly set them up for the future.

Calendly’s “flush” new logo 

recent logo redesignsNot many logos are described as bog-standard, but this one has us bowled over.

The calendar and scheduling tool, Calendly spend a mighty £1.5 million on its recent logo redesign, so naturally consumers had high hopes for the new look. 

However, the logo underwhelmed many and there has since been an outpour of mocking over the unfortunate resemblance to a bird-eye view of a toilet. 

With the initial idea to reflect the platform’s “intelligent design, improved workflows and incredible ease of use”, Calendly is looking a little flushed as this messaging is overpowered by the design.

Once you spot the toilet resemblance, you simply can’t unsee it.

They haven’t quite got it right this time – maybe they should’ve kept the original one for the time being.

Visa’s rebrand to be “more than a credit card”

recent logo redesignsAdapting the logo and brand identities of a well-established brand can be daunting. After more than 60 years of business, Visa took the plunge to lean into the future

Keeping the iconic yellow, white and blue colour palette, the recent logo redesign replicates the equals symbol, representing the unity of everyone, everywhere. 

The refreshed branding aims to “capitalise on Visa’s heritage while telling a new story about the brand.” As well as supporting the brand mark, Visa has released a collection of new elements, which include photography principles, an icon and illustration system, and new typography. 

The addition of these new elements provides Visa customers with a seamless and interactive experience whilst working well as a coherent brand system.

We love to see brands making changes to adapt to the future, especially with innovative ideas. When done right like Visa, the results are well received and remembered.

Pringles has the internet divided 

recent logo redesignsAs the old saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

After being untouched for 20 years, Pringles have given the lovable Pringles mascot a makeover, and it’s caused quite the controversy.

With the aim to simplify, modernise and give Mr. P a “youthful and eye-catching emoji look”, the flat design has fallen short for some. 

Stripping it back to basics, Pringles has refreshed the packaging to make it cleaner and even presented the typeface in the shape of the signature bow tie.

The bold look had the intention to retain the “iconic look and feel” but with such a striking change, it’s hard for us to adapt.

Although the recent logo redesign is loved by some, I can’t say we’re totally on board with this one. 

Saga embraces life over 50

recent logo redesigns Embracing the over 50s, Saga unveiled a new identity at the beginning of the year.

Founded in 1951, the insurance and finance service company hope to showcase the positive side of aging by focusing on “experience rather than age.”

The recent logo redesign features a bespoke wordmark with arches on the “A’s”.

The timeless marbling design is one of the biggest updates to the branding, bringing in instant associations with high quality items that are made with care and made to last.”

This, alongside the friendly and refreshing colour palette of blue, turquoise, and golden hues, ties the brand together for a positive new look.

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Looking to refresh your brand? 

As you can see, it’s imperative that companies get their branding and logos spot on everytime. However, some brands can unfortunately get it very wrong. So, if you’re looking to freshen up your brand in right way, get in touch.

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