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Rawww’s design and marketing trends prediction for 2019

2019 trends

Each year brings along new ideas, discussions and designs, but what will we see in 2019? We’ve been busy gathering insight to give you the best possible head start with planning your marketing and design strategy for the new year with our trend predictions…

2019 trends


Trend 1: Chatty chatbots

Get ready to chit chat more with chatbots. Although chatbots were popular last year, 2019 will see them refined to provide a more seamless customer experience. Focus on creating a content strategy that reflects your brand’s tone of voice and to help the conversation feel more human-like, programme your chatbot to not only answer customer questions but ask them back too.

2019 trends

Trend 2: Animations and micro-interactions

It’s time to get animated about animations. Whether they feature on your website, app or social posts, animations are going to be big. This also includes micro-interactions, smaller animations used on mobile platforms, that are applied to create subtle visual effects. Where could you use these?

2019 trends

Trend 3: Personalised email marketing

With over 3.7 billion people using email during 2017-18, it’s fair to say it’s still a pretty popular method for content marketing. However it’s the rise of more personalised and targeted emails that we’ll see in 2019. Our personalised emails for NCP’s Black Friday direct mail campaign had a positive impact, you can find out more here.

2019 trends

Trend 4: Internet of Things reaches our cities

From connecting your kettle, fridge and heating to your phone, thanks to the IoT, next year we may start connecting with the city around us. This could help flag up potential technical or mechanical breakdowns, increase efficiency and also help with safety.

2019 trends

Trend 5: Gradients will be big

During 2018, we’ve seen a lot of gradients in design, with the likes of Apple and Instagram using them in their branding. Since Adobe Illustrator have introduced new gradient tools into the software, we’re pretty sure gradients will still be big in logo design for 2019.

2019 trends


Trend 6: Augmented reality

With many brands interweaving AR into their marketing campaigns, it brings traditional media to life. Disney’s AR colouring book campaign, Ikea’s AR catalogue and Sephora’s Virtual Artist App experience, all encourage users to become more involved with the brand which we think will be used a lot more next year.

2019 trends


Trend 7: Bespoke illustrations and icons

We’re a big fan of custom made illustrations (as you can tell by our website!), but this is a trend that will continue to grow next year within the web industry. From landing pages to entire websites, there’s no limit as to where you can feature illustrations or illustrative icons.

2019 trends

Trend 8: Instagram shopping

With the introduction of shoppable tags within Instagram posts, the platform combines searching for inspiration with sales conversion. During 2018, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly users with most users aged under 30 years old. We enjoyed working with sports equipment provider Perform Better, to integrate their product catalogue into their Instagram posts.

So there we have our top 8 design and marketing predictions we think you should be aware of for 2019! We hope this has been helpful and if you’d like to know more about any of these trends, feel free to get in touch with us!

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