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Rawww’s Away Day

Rawww's Away Day

On a hot sunny day, what better way to spend it than hurtling around a dirt track in an off-road kart? Well, that’s exactly what team Rawww got up to last week to finish our away day at the beautiful Garlands Leisure countryside events venue in the Midlands.

The day began with hot coffee and pastries before reflecting on all that Rawww had achieved over the last 12 months. This was followed by some in-depth GDPR team training ensuring we are all ready for the new data protection regulations being introduced.

Further training followed on how to improve on best working practices before the new RAWWW website was exclusively revealed. With the new quirky design and visual illustrations it looks amazing, not that we’re biased, but we can’t reveal too much more until the site goes live very soon!

After a tasty buffet lunch we got stuck into some team-building activities which at one point saw seven of us squeezed together to balance on a one-metre plank in the game ‘Minefield’.

Laser clay pigeon shooting followed with the majority of the team worryingly reaching quite high scores! Our guide Chris ensured everyone understood what to do in each activity and helped to make the tasks full of laughs.

Team building, laser Clay pigeon shooting and off-road karting

The final activity of the day was the aforementioned off-road kart driving which saw the team race against one another in timed laps around a dusty and windy dirt track. There were a few bumps into the safety hay bales by a some of the drivers who took a chance on a tight corner, but everyone walked away unscathed saying how much fun going so fast was and enjoyed the sudden rush of adrenaline!

After discovering who had won the team activities, the real awards were presented by Maria to team Rawww with tough categories such as: Putting the T in Teapot, Smiliest Designer, Best Blueberry Animations and Menu Design Expert. There was also one serious award for Alison to celebrate her 10 years with Rawww!

The day was a good time to recap all of Rawww’s achievements over the last year and to look ahead to prepare for upcoming opportunities. It was also a fantastic chance for the new members to socialise outside of the office with the rest of the team, working work together and supporting each other in all of the activities.


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