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The Avenue at Coombe

Putting The Avenue at Coombe on the map as a family attraction

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Raising brand awareness of The Avenue at Coombe’s wide range of facilities suited to families looking to enjoy the ultimate day out in Coventry.


the avenue at coombe logo
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The challenge

Sitting in the Coombe Abbey grounds, The Avenue at Coombe wasn’t very well signposted, meaning many park visitors were missing the building and heading straight for the park. Coombe Abbey came to us wanting to improve footfall to The Avenue, which included naming, creating a brand and building a website to improve awareness of The Avenue.

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The hub of Coombe Abbey

The Avenue at Coombe is bursting with shops, eateries, gifts and play areas, so the branding needed to represent everything they have to offer. We created a brand that not only articulates their services and USPs, but also raises awareness about its location, which was a key factor in the brief. The family friendly branding takes on a different style to the Coombe Abbey and Coombe Park branding to ensure it’s represented as its own entity, whilst also complimenting the Coombe branding for consistency and bringing the brands together so visitors are aware that they can drop into The Avenue before and after they visit the Coombe Park.

Avenue at Coombe Discovery centre
avenue at coombe artisan market
the avenue at coombe map

Something for everyone to enjoy

From a flower shop, an artisan market, to a discovery centre and much more, The Avenue at Coombe has something for every family member to enjoy and take part in, which the brand messaging and website highlight. The easy to use website has been built with the user journey in mind. Information is easy to find, split into 3 different services including; Food, Gifts and Fun, covering all bases of The Avenue. Families can experience this special family attraction and make a whole day of it at Coombe Abbey.

avenue at coombe USPs
avenue at coombe kids

Experience the great outdoors, The Avenue way

We’ve recently been working with The Avenue on the launch of their new and innovative play park, Hermit’s Hollow, set to open this summer. A place where children of all ages can play, explore and socialise with one another, and accompanying adults can enjoy a tasty treat or a hot drink from Hermit’s Cafe whilst the kids play. The perfect place, whether you’re a child or an adult to spend a summer's day.


With a distinctive brand and website that represents The Avenue at Coombe as a unique family destination, the brand now has the awareness needed to attract their target audience and keep them coming back for more food, gifts and fun.


“Great agency, very reliable and efficient! Friendly team. Would recommend.”

- Marketing Manager - No Ordinary Hospitality Management

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