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Promoting a new cashless parking service

Driving bookings for the UK’s number one car park company, with a new sub-brand and App to enable cashless parking for customers.


The challenge

NCP were looking to make paying for parking even easier for customers with cashless parking, and adopting a digital-first approach to the payment process. They needed help with the name, branding and design of the app in order for it to work as a standalone sub-brand, whilst also making sure it was inline with their other NCP products and services.

Brand strategy fueled by insight

By working with research NCP had collected, the NCP ParkPass branding evolved through piloting and testing the product with customers during the design process, with Rawww’s support on creative and asset creation. We maintained consistency by using the NCP brand colour palette and typeface, but also introduced new elements such as the pin icon, to emphasise the idea of travel and 3D illustrations, which can be animated when used on digital platforms to capture the attention of users.

Customer-centric app design

We worked with NCP to design the app, which was then developed in-house. We mapped out every inch of the end-to-end app user journey, and created a seamless system design, including a complete bespoke icon set to simplify the app. The NCP ParkPass app has a clear, easy to use interface design that has the user journey at the heart of it. Customers are able to easily locate a car park, pay for parking and extend their stay through their phone, without the need to worry about a ticket. To support the launch of the app, we optimised both the Android and Apple app stores, with app store videos that highlighted benefits and features of the app, including quick, ticketless parking and an exclusive introductory offer.

Consistency matters

To ensure all future NCP ParkPass designs and promotions are consistent, we developed a style guide for the NCP team to use. This provides a centralised resource for logotype, colour and typeface references and usage guides. The style guide proved highly useful when we helped NCP later roll out their NCP ParkPass product in the form of a multitude of marketing assets including, car park advertising, Waze advertising, email marketing and landing pages, ensuring cohesive branding across all platforms.


“The ParkPass branding provides a clean, clear and creative identity for our new parking product. The design is able to work on its own but also seamlessly fits together when used alongside our other NCP solutions.”

- NCP Brand Marketing Manager

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