Peugeot Contract Hire goes mobile

Head of projects
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We’ve just launched a brand new mobile website for Peugeot Contract Hire to help them cater for their on-the-go business customers.

Making the most of mobile internet is becoming even more important as customers start to use their smartphones for all sorts of online activity. As such, mobile-friendly sites are a great way to get ahead, and Peugeot thought it was time to get better connected to their customers.

Peugeot Contract Hire is there for any business in need of vehicles, whether it’s a one man band or an entire fleet for a large company. Using their wide range of finance and services, Peugeot Contract Hire helps these businesses to operate their cars or vans in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Now, they can do this while on the move thanks to this new mobile website.

In the UK, nearly 38% of the population has a smartphone and nearly a third of page views are now from mobile or tablets.

Peugeot Contract Hire’s desktop site has been in full swing for a while, but recently they have noticed an increase in customers accessing from their mobile. As we all know, mobile internet is big news. Globally, there are predictions that mobile internet will even overtake desktop by the end of 2014.

With their new mobile website and updated desktop version, Peugeot Contract Hire is set to help their business customers with all their motoring needs both in the office and on the go.