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Our top 5 favourite Summer marketing campaigns ever

Throughout the many years of advertising, summer marketing campaigns have proven to be a useful and effective way for brands to entice customers, old and new, and attract their audience’s attention in new and exciting ways.   

Seasonal marketing campaigns such as the ones that take place in the summer are the perfect way for brands to boost their audience’s engagement and are often memorable, fun and unique. 

As we count down the days until summer arrives every year, our excitement also grows to see what new summer campaigns will be released.  

We’d like to take a look back on some of our favourite summer campaigns throughout the years that really hit the spot for us:

1) Coca-Cola: Open for Summer 

In 2021, Coca-Cola encouraged the public, through the use of poetry to welcome back beloved summer pastimes. 

The Coca-Cola bottles and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar bottles featured short poems that evoked a sense of coming together to enjoy summer. This summer marketing campaign was the pick me up that many people needed, as the chance to enjoy summer together the year before was made impossible due to Covid-19. 

Cola-Cola’s 24 poems, referenced activities such as family beach trips, garden BBQ’s and going to the cinema. Reminding people to open up their lives to their loved ones for the summer and create memories together partaking in simple, but cherished activities. 

Melissa Schwartz, brand director of Coke & Meals said “This past year has deprived everyone of opportunities to get together with loved ones, so this feels almost like a re-celebration of humanity. Summer is a time of joy and togetherness, and this feeling has escalated more so in 2021 than in any year in recent memory.”

2) Ikea’s books on the beach 

Going all the way back to 2010, we would not be able to complete this summer campaign favourites list without mentioning the memorable Ikea’s Books on the Beach marketing campaign. 

The campaign was based around the celebration of one of their signature bookshelves, BILLY, turning 30 that year. IKEA set up their own outdoor library on the famous Bondi beach in Australia. This attracted all people to the beach, not just your typical surfers and swimmers but those with an appetite for reading too. 

The beach library offered a range of books to choose from, the initiative was that they could pick one book for themselves and exchange it for one they already had and make a gold coin donation. With all proceeds going to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. Not only did it encourage people to read, and swap tales, there was also a good cause behind it. 

The summer campaign was a huge success as the IKEA BILLY bookcases are one of the most commercially successful pieces of modern furniture. With The Times reporting in 2019 that more than 110 million Billy bookcases have been sold since its inception. As the summer marketing campaign boosted its sales significantly. 

3) M&S Food: Spirit of Summer

In 2017, M&S launched their first pop-up tasting experience for their Spirit of Summer campaign in Leeds. 

This unique summer campaign was centred around offering 50,000 people a one-of-a-kind, interactive food experience. The tasting experience captured the essence of the Mediterranean all within the UK. M&S’ aim was to launch their new food range, which included much loved regional dishes and ingredients from Sicily to Portugal. But not forgetting the added M&S twist that so many love. 

The pop-up event included bar tasting and live music. It ran during the second week of August a prime summertime in the UK, the weather paired with the unique menu captured the Mediterranean vision that inspired M&S’ new food range. 

This was extremely well thought of on M&S’ part, as it brought people together to share a unique and real experience, whilst also showcasing their new food range.  

4) NCP creative summer campaign 

We here at Rawww can appreciate the importance and creative detail that must go into creating a summer campaign, as we worked with NCP during the summer of 2019. Launching a campaign for the UK’s number one car park company NCP.

NCP wanted to encourage customers to pre-book their summer parking, with the main focus being centred around summer holidays. Using our creative expertise, we captured this message through quirky animations which helped bring personality to the brand and their summer campaign. 

The message of the campaign was based around the idea that cars deserve a holiday as much as their owners do. The headline we created for the campaign ‘Giving your car a holiday’ perfectly summed this up. The motion graphics we created of the NCP car floating on its own lilo, was fun, eye-catching and guaranteed to attract attention. 

NCP were pleased with the result and particularly attributed the email animation to contributing to more drive to their website traffic. 

5) Walkers and Doritos: Only on holiday

This is the best collaboration we have seen this year so far. The Only On Holiday summer marketing campaign launched with tour operator easyJet holidays. 

The campaign’s ad takes you on a trip to multiple holiday destinations across the world, where holiday-makers are encouraged to indulge whilst abroad. It playfully reminds people of the fun travelling can bring. 

Fernando Kahane, Walkers senior marketing director, said: “Giving Brits the chance to win a package holiday every hour, for 90 days, this is by far one of our biggest and most exciting on-pack promotions ever.”

The summer campaign is perfectly timed, as 2022 is the first time in a few years that people are able to travel abroad freely. The ad celebrates the return of holiday getaways. Inspiring people to buy a pack of Walkers and Doritos and bag themselves a much-needed holiday. 


Summer is the season of creativity and is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity for you to update your own summer marketing campaigns. 

If you would like to start your summer off in the right way, by bringing more positive engagement to your brand and driving more traffic in your campaigns for summer get in touch with us here at Rawww now. 

We would love to celebrate the start of summer by using our expertise to create some memorable and long-lasting summer campaigns for your brand. 

If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us. 

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