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We’re all going on a (mobile) holiday

We’re all going on a (mobile) holiday

Are you looking for your next holiday? If so, will you be looking at different travel websites? A new survey by ABTA has revealed a significant change in how and where we are booking our online holidays…

It seems, that more and more of us are going mobile and using a tablet device, not only when we are browsing travel websites for holidays, but when we want to actually book holidays too.

Our love for tablets has reached an all-time high since 2013 (when there was a whopping 54.1% increase in tablet users), and the trend is set to continue. According to eMarketer, there are now over 1 billion tablet users worldwide (that’s 15% of the global population) and that number will keep on rising to an estimated number of 1.43 billion by 2018.

These are astonishing statistics and show just how far our love and use of tablets has developed, so it’s no surprise that more people are using tablets to not only browse the internet and travel websites, but to book holidays.

Whilst PCs and laptops are still the most popular choice for looking at travel websites and online holiday bookings, around 38% of 16 to 24 year olds booked via their tablet, which averaged at 24% across all age groups (6% up from 2014) which shows that mobile holiday booking is increasing year on year.

This isn’t really that surprising. Tablets are so handy, and when it comes to browsing and buying online, anything we can do on a PC, we can generally do on a tablet – especially now that an increasing number of travel companies have ensured that their travel websites have a mobile-friendly setting for ease of use.

Here at Rawww, we feel that this is the crucial reason why people are confident about booking their holidays via tablets. A fully responsive mobile travel website that has all the necessary information people need will always warrant high usage; society is on the move, and websites of all kinds need to be on the move too!

Our conclusion?

Using mobiles to book holidays will just get bigger and better, which means that if you have a travel website, you need to ensure your mobile and tablet experience is up to date to keep up with the ever increasing mobile holiday booking audience.

Here at Rawww, we’ve helped numerous travel companies go mobile with their travel websites and create a seamless experience for their users, and we can help you too. Get in touch today and discover the difference being a mobile brand can make.



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