Good Stuff.

October 2022 Good Stuff Round Up

This month we take a look at brand refreshes and campaigns that caught our attention. From social media platforms to Airlines, these bold brands took plunges into pulling at our heartstrings, creating innovative designs and standing out in large crowds.

Join us as we discuss the good stuff to come out of October.

WhatsApp has heads turning with their latest Billboard ad

WhatsApp have put their names on the big screens in Piccadilly following the launch of three of their new app features. The 3D advert is the last of their latest campaign to promote the updated privacy and safety features, using bold type and realistic graphics to symbolise this.

With these features allowing users to message confidently and worry-free in a secure location with both outdoor and digital placements, a safer sense of security is created, which, as active social media users, is something we often worry about.

Users can even manage who can see their online status, exit groups “silently,” and block screenshots for “see once” messages, which is a huge step in avoiding those awkward accidental moments that we’ve all experienced when using social media!

Have you seen the campaign yet?

British Airways target all emotions with their latest campaign

The creative studio, Uncommon, have recently rolled out a series of unique TV billboards and print advertisements to celebrate the new month-long campaign for British Airways.

As ‘British originals’, each celebrates the employees, clients, and countries who have contributed to the airline’s originality. It questions travellers on the reasons behind why they travel from reconnecting with loved ones to immersing themselves in a different culture. 

Using cleverly written copy lines like: “Stag do. Pray for me”, “Because the weather sucks” or simply “Home”. The campaign allows us to see how British Airways truly values every individual who uses their services and how they’ve become the airline giants we know today. 

The series of short films also tie in humour, nostalgia and also pull at our heart strings, using a similar approach in discovering the realistic reason behind our travel stories.

They certainly stood out to us this month and we’re excited to see more British Airways ads.

Bonnier Books UK inspire readers with their new visual identity

The trade book publisher, Bonnier Books UK, have emphasised the importance of their inclusive brand identity and culture. 

Bringing their existing strapline “Every book matters” to life and adding new phrases such as “Every reader matters” and “Every story matters”, aims to act as a visual device that could be easily applied across various digital platforms.  

Their signature ‘B’ is also used consistently within their new branding, allowing them to tie in exciting and dramatic colours, patterns with powerful imagery and messages throughout. 

The design agency, Evoke, have focused on adding “vibrancy and sophistication” to the brand, as well as maintaining their ‘open book’ inclusive strategy.

The re-brand focuses heavily on ensuring that it remains on digital platforms, with any printed items being done so as ethically and sustainably as possible, using sustainably printed materials in the process, which holds great importance in our digital age!

The vibrant, fresh designs will be applied across social media, along with an expected website refresh, which we can’t wait to see.

We share our Good Stuff round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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