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October 2021 Good Stuff Round-up

From gravity defying advertisements to reusable campaigns coinciding with COP26 for a more sustainable future, October was a month full of innovative marketing. 

Join us as we take a closer look at a mix of our favourite and stand-out industry work launched this month in our latest Good Stuff Round-up…

Airbnb bring ‘Scream’ to life

In the spirit of Halloween, Airbnb have taken the plunge into the spooky season and opened up a Scream-themed house in honour of the film’s 25th anniversary.  

Inviting guests into the North California home, Airbnb have created a time capsule of the 1996 hit nostalgia. From knife marks and bloodstains on the walls, to a TV perfect for watching horror films, and a dedicated phone line, the house encompasses everything the film represents. 

Airbnb is daring its bravest customers to visit this house where they can expect to be greeted by Ghostface and experience a night of horrors in this epic Halloween sleepover.

Burberry defy gravity with free falling TV advert  

Luxury fashion brand, Burberry, has reached new limits with its creative ad campaign promoting its new fall/winter collection.

The ‘Open Spaces’ ad riveted audiences with a fantastical flying concept that featured four friends dressed in cosy-looking Burberry outerwear while in the countryside. Suddenly lifted by a ripple of wind, the friends begin to soar around a cornfield in dramatic ballet-like movements. 

Flying through the skies until they reach the White Cliffs of Dover, the four friends become entwined together, celebrating the fearless spirit of exploration which connects us with the natural world and each other.

With the breath-taking visuals and incredible effects, it’s certainly an unforgettable campaign.

Chilly’s ties in COP26 with reusable campaign 

Reusable bottle brand, Chilly’s, has launched its ‘Reusable Way of Living’ campaign to coincide with Cop26. The campaign set in 2025 imagines a sustainable future where reusable products are the new norm. 

From cafes and food stalls, to hiking trips and restaurant and delivery services, the ad takes viewers through a series of scenes where reusable bottles are used.

In a clever and visually powerful approach, each use of a reusable bottle or container sees single-use plastic items float up through the air as they begin to diminish. Finishing off with the slogan, ‘A Reusable Way of Living’, Chilly’s believes its positive vision of a UK without plastic pollution will resonate with consumers crying out for change.

Putting an emphasis on throwaway containers and single-use plastic becoming a thing of the past, Chilly’s is paving the way for a more positive and sustainable future – let’s hope this turns into a reality.

IKEA introduce Buff Bears to make homes a haven

IKEA enlists bouncer bears to take on everyday challenges and protect the home in its latest creative campaign. 

Never failing to disappoint with its marketing campaigns, IKEA has created a wholesome TV ad with the hashtag #WonderfulEveryday. The opening of the ad shows a stuffed teddy bear in a child’s room noticing a little girl and her dad rushing home in the rain through the window. In a bid to get them home safe, the bear is revealed to have mega muscles and rushes to help them.

As the ad continues, two bouncer bears are seen guarding the front door, much like a nightclub. In a variety of roles and scenes, the bears share the mission of tackling the challenges that interrupt a home’s haven such as day-to-day stresses, to keep the home as peaceful as possible.

The message of the campaign is that with IKEA, customers can achieve the space they deserve for a home haven. 

This is definitely a unique way to advertise IKEA but an innovative and clever approach to attract families and convey the brand’s message. Combining family and humour with living teddy bears is always bound to leave an impression. Well done IKEA. 

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from November.


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