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Oatlands Park Hotel

Creating a true brand and digital reflection of a 4 star historic hotel


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A tale of how Oatlands Park Hotel transformed its website to elevate the brand and match the hotel’s experience in order to reflect its timeless luxury and historic charm.


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Oatlands Park Hotel is a beautifully British manor house hotel nestled in the Weybridge countryside. Often described as ‘the jewel in Surrey’s crown’, Oatlands Park Hotel stands on the original site of the grand royal palace built by Henry VIII.

Exuding English charm and steeped in royal history, Oatlands is committed to creating memorable experiences with timeless elegance. 

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In order to match the premium experience that guests feel while entering the hotel, the website needed to mirror this to tie the brand together. To reach its full potential, the Oatlands Park Hotel website needed to address its user experience challenges so that guests could navigate the site effectively.

The website’s content was difficult to locate, making it less user-friendly, resulting in reduced conversion rates for rooms, events, weddings, and table reservations.

The brand lacked a unique and consistent style that could be applied to all marketing materials to help them stand out from the competitive landscape, locally and nationally. This, as well as the website’s style, appearance, and feel, needed to represent the brand’s personality and sophisticated character in order to create the sense of charm and luxury that Oatlands Park Hotel reflects.

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We took a fresh approach to the website by redesigning the architecture and aesthetic, with the goal of providing a seamless user experience. The relaunch ensured that it was a true reflection of the Oatlands experience, which is a hybrid of history and luxury, and told the iconic story of Henry VIII.

The website needed to convey the hotel's true British country charm, located in a convenient location, to encourage customers to book not just a modern countryside escape, but an experience for weddings, celebrations and corporate events. The revived website emphasises that this isn’t your average hotel, so those who come to place a booking should be made to feel special when doing so.

The redesign of other marketing materials for Oatlands became necessary as a result of the website revisions and updated house style being rolled out, in order to bring the brand together as one. This included advert publications and event branding to ensure the message and brand were consistent throughout the journey to the website from other avenues, leaving a lasting impression.

Oatlands history
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Oatlands Hotel website


“With our new modernised website, Oatlands Park Hotel is now a true brand that not only delivers a seamless customer experience, but also reflects our hotel's 4 star luxury and history.”

- Marketing Manager

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