Good Stuff.

November 2022 Good Stuff Round Up

This month we take a look at campaigns that caught our attention. From emotional Christmas campaigns to exciting football adverts, there was a variety of creative ads that really left their mark on us.

Join us as we discuss the good stuff to come out of November.

Amazon take us through a joyful childhood story with their latest Christmas advert

As the biggest internet retailer, Amazon, threw themselves into the festive spirit with their latest Christmas advert. The ad demonstrates a father’s love for his daughter in innovation and resourcefulness, with of course, the help of Amazon, to bring us the gift of joy.

Amazon pulled at our heartstrings with this campaign, as we follow the story of a young child completely in awe of her festive snow globe. The father soon begins to realise her fascination with the festive ornament and goes above and beyond with his creativity to add to her Christmas spirit, by creating a life-size version of the snow globe scene.

With the help of academy award winning director, Taika Waititi, this Christmas campaign encourages viewers to find their joy in using Amazon, emphasising the endless possibilities they have available and most importantly the ad inspires everyone to get creative with their gifts this year.

Ending with the simple, but loving message, ‘Joy is made’, Amazon really does know how to touch an audience, and they certainly did with us!

Adidas kick start the Fifa World Cup campaigns

The ‘family reunion’ ad touches the hearts of football fans, featuring big name drops like Messi, Bellingham and Stormzy all under one roof.

The sportswear brand, Adidas, aims to celebrate how football can bring people together, and with each of the players showcasing their own entertaining football rituals, we are reminded of why the World Cup is so important in our society.

The use of their slogan ‘impossible is nothing’ is used throughout the advert to inspire fans in supporting their country and highlights the widespread celebrations taking place across the globe, with new players breaking the scene and even unexpected players hitting unbelievable goals.

With various features of the Adidas products and branding throughout the campaign, the ad also references the ‘Al Rihla Arena’ – the official Adidas fan zone that connects to the Qatar football ground, whereby fans can practise their skills to be in with a chance of meeting their football heroes, inspiring everyone to truly believe that impossible is nothing.

The National Lottery pull out all the stops with their festive campaign

In a ‘Christmas love story’, the National Lottery tells the tale of a chance encounter between two strangers who exchange phone numbers on the back of a, unknowingly, winning lottery ticket.

With the help of Oscar winning director, Tom Hooper, the love story unveils their encounter and takes viewers on a journey of the couple hoping on chance that they’ll spot each other once again, after their first meeting at the train station. Eventually, by complete chance, the couple reunite and are overcome with the joy of finding each other again and realising they’ve won the lottery.

The ad highlights the magic of luck with the ending slogan ‘Just imagine’. Proving to viewers that chance and luck are very real things. Paired with the excitement and festive magic that the Christmas season ignites, this ad couldn’t have come at a better time, with The National Lottery’s latest ad emphasising the special importance that Christmas holds in bringing people together.

This was definitely on our list of favourite Christmas adverts, but did it make it to yours?

We share our Good Stuff round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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