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Taking control of creative strategy to drive revenue during lockdown

creative strategy for NCP

The brief

NCP needed strategic creative support with the launch of a campaign to encourage customers to travel safely during the Coronavirus pandemic, by choosing to use their car and park at NCP car parks instead of using public transport.

creative strategy for NCP
creative strategy for NCP

Inspiring safer journeys

The UK’s No.1 car parking provider NCP, were looking to up the level of activity and usage of the NCP ParkPass App and encourage customer confidence in choosing to travel by car over public transport. To connect with both current and potential customers, NCP wanted to run a promotional campaign offering a £5 discount when customers booked through the ParkPass App.

With the email campaign set to run during England’s second lockdown, it needed careful consideration in the approach to ensure the messaging struck the right tone with consumers and still increased the number of car park bookings.

creative strategy for NCP

Taking control of a creative campaign

As NCP’s creative agency of choice for the last six years, Rawww brainstormed potential concepts for the email campaign. We worked with the concept that customers are ‘in control’ of their choice of commuting and travel. With this in mind, our job was persuading them with this campaign to use the safer option and travel by car.

It was important the copy was punchy and straightforward, immediately connecting with customers over a topical issue and directing them to put their trust in NCP. The messaging also needed the flexibility to adapt to different offers as part of NCP’s A/B testing.

creative strategy for NCP
creative strategy for NCP

“With Rawww’s creative support, NCP has been able to connect with customers at a difficult time. The strong, simple campaign messaging resonated with audiences who are looking for reassurance and found it with NCP. We’re very pleased with the positive results and increase in car park bookings following the campaign.”

- NCP Marketing Manager


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