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Brand and marketing guidelines

The brief

Refresh and refine NCP’s brand strategy to ensure all communication internally and externally is consistent and in-line with brand values.

What we did

We conducted our own customer, partner and employee research through brand workshops on behalf of NCP and developed a set of B2C guidelines. These reflected customer expectations and brand values and will be applied to both online and offline media. We also refreshed NCP’s characters and 3D illustrations to help bring the brand to life.


We also developed and designed guidelines for NCP’s B2B brand. For B2B we designed a clear, informative and easy-to-use set of brand guidelines covering NCP’s more corporate tone of voice and how to apply different colour palettes in various communications.

“The team at Rawww have been a huge help pulling together our brand guidelines and have created informative, engaging documents that will help staff and external stakeholders for years to come. The finished guidelines really bring the NCP brand to life and will ensure everything we do will have a consistent look and feel.”

- Brand Marketing Manager, NCP


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