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The journey of reinventing a well-established British brand. MesmerEyez needed to reflect the iconic and mesmerising nature of the brand name, capturing both B2B and B2C audiences worldwide.




For 15 years, the British brand MesmerEyez has been selling its contact lenses to both the B2B and B2C markets in the UK and beyond. Instead of working with clinical optician suppliers, its products are cosmetic, so, therefore, are stocked at beauty and costume shops or sold directly to customers.

With the widest variety of colours in the market, MesmerEyez’s team of trusted experts applies an innovative approach to their products with a focus on offering customers quality lenses.



MesmerEyez needed to modernise its branding to ensure their contact lenses were seen as an ‘essential’ cosmetic product by an image-conscious audience. The branding hadn’t been touched in more than a decade, which meant the business looked dated in comparison to competitors who continue to reinvent themselves.

The brand also needed refreshing to connect with an audience who cared about their appearance and better reflected their USPs: British, quality, innovative, and variety.

MesmerEyez has two different product offerings. There’s ‘Naturalz’ (for customers who want to subtly enhance their natural eye colour) and ‘Xtreme’ (for those who want to completely transform their look for Halloween or events). Although the Naturalz products make up the majority of MesmerEyez’s business, they began to fall behind and needed a marketing and brand boost to elevate it to the same level as the Xtreme product.



With a strong legacy behind the logo, to completely transform MesmerEyez’s brand would have risked losing current customers who could feel alienated by the new look. Instead, we modernised and simplified the branding, evolving the iconic logo eye mark to reflect the mesmerising nature of the brand name.

The two different product offerings needed to become sub brands, allowing them to work under - rather than alongside - the overarching MesmerEyez brand. Both sub brands also needed to have equal visibility, to ensure the product priority wasn’t losing its focus. Now, both sub-brands Naturalz and Xtreme have their own dedicated straplines, with messaging updated to reflect the British-made aspect of the brand.

The brand colour palette has also been refined to continue to work with MesmerEyez’s current packaging, with secondary colours injected sparingly. As part of Rawww’s revised brand experience, the contact lens brochure was also transformed to become a more trendy ‘LookBook’ of products to appeal to a fashionable audience.



“We’re so thrilled with the outcome of the work achieved by Rawww. The modernising of our brand has helped us reach a wider audience and elevated our brand USPs so both sub-brands are now equally visible.”


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