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Merry Christmas From Rawww

Merry Christmas From Rawww

This Christmas, the Rawww office has been a hub of merry activity as we set about preparing for the festive season.

This careful planning and prep also included getting our client gifts created and sent out, something we love to do every year. For 2016, our gift of choice was mulberry gin, a delicious drink that’s bound to lift your spirits in time for Santa’s arrival.

The idea

As always, we wanted our Christmas gift to be something memorable, creative and festive. Thankfully we found something that ticked all of those boxes: mulberry gin.

To source the gin, we looked a little closer to home and decided upon the Shakespeare Distillery, an artisan spirit maker based in the historical town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

The gin

Why, mulberry? Apart from it being the perfect festive addition to any good drink, the mulberry fruit also has close ties to Stratford. The town is brimming with mulberry trees rich in the delicate fruit, making it an obvious choice of flavour for the distillery’s gin.

The creation

Once we’d decided on the gin, we got to work creating a Rawww label that not only captured the flavours and ingredients of the gin itself but also reflected the personality of our team and the Rawww brand.

On top of the label, we’ve also put together an additional note card that offers our clients some inspiration on how to use our mulberry gin in cocktails and festive drinks. Obviously they’ve all been rigorously tried and tested by the team, so you can trust us when we say they’re delicious!

Merry Mulberries

You can read the rest of our Merry Mulberry story here. From the flavours of the gin to the packaging of our boxes, we detail every part of our Christmas journey.

So whether you received one of our Merry Mulberry bottles of gin or not, we hope you have a magical Christmas and an amazing start to the new year.

Love, Rawww.


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