Good Stuff.

March 2023 Good Stuff Round Up

From happy city break campaigns to ongoing discussions about the TikTok ban and how it could impact the digital advertising space, this month has been packed full of creativity and insight into the marketing world.

Join us as we discuss the Good Stuff that caught our attention in March.

TUI’s ‘Live Happy’ Campaign

The latest addition to British airline brand, TUI’s, ‘Live Happy’ campaign has arrived, this time veering away from beach holidays and focusing on fun city breaks instead. The quick and snappy spotlight campaign showcases a variety of cities consumers can travel to through TUI.

Viewers are taken on a trip around the world, following travellers to beautiful cities from Rome to New York. The campaign sheds light on the power of travelling, from how it can bring us together to the special moments and memories that are created through travelling.

The travel brand hit the nail on the head with this campaign, successfully resonating with audiences and positioning themselves as the go-to airline company. Are you itching to book your next holiday after watching TUI’s latest ad?

A portal into art with National Galleries of Scotland

National Galleries of Scotland stepped out with a new visual identity this month. Working with creative studio, DNCO, their new look featured a portal-like logomark, angled typeface and an inspiring colour palette which draws on common colours in the collections’ artworks.

With three galleries making up the collection, all offering something completely different, it was important for their new identity to be clear and simple, unlike the previous branding which lacked clarity and direction. Through the new look, DNCO sought to “simplify the brand hierarchy”, says the studio’s creative director Patrick Eley.

The brand logo needed to encapsulate the power and discovery that art generates, whilst also standing out against other national institutions like the British Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The interlocking parallelograms aim to illustrate a “portal” into the art world, with the “optical effect” representing the changing perspectives that art encourages. The new typeface is used across all three entities of the institution, replacing the three separate ones that were used before, in order to create a cohesive and united brand identity.

DNCO have designed a flexible brand system that brings the galleries together, whilst also differentiating them enough with colours assigned to each so they can stand alone too. By using lots of imagery, bright colours and adding motion graphics, National Galleries of Scotland has managed to stand out against the competition and leave a lasting impression. Will you be making the trip to Scotland to check out their new look in person?

What does the TikTok ban mean for advertising?

Social giant, TikTok, hosted a ‘Beyond Brand Safety’ meeting with brands and advertisers earlier this year, essentially giving them the “hard sell” and reassuring advertisers that their app is safe and secure in terms of data.

With ongoing talks about the Chinese-owned app being banned in the US, it’s left others wondering whether the social media platform poses a data security threat to not only the government, but brands and agencies too. Advertising seems to be stuck in the middle of this debate and if the States do decide to ban TikTok, it could prompt a redistribution of advertising market share, benefiting rivals in the digital ad space including; Meta Platforms, Alphabet and Snap.

Other well-known social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, could also benefit from the ban, specifically Facebook’s short-form video platform Reels and Instagram’s Reels, both direct competitors to TikTok. With TikTok controlling about 2.3% of the global market, behind only two older, more established rivals, it’s not surprising that other social media apps are perhaps hoping for the ban to come into force, in order to gain back some control over the digital advertising market.

TikTok has certainly dominated the advertising space for the past few years, but could their time as the top dog be coming to an end? Only time will tell.

We share our Good Stuff round up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the creative marketing industry.

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