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Vashi Dominguez is the man behind some beautiful jewellery, from diamond engagement rings to bespoke creations at home in celebrity circles. We’ve been working with the man himself to create a whole new experience for, including website re-design, branding, advertising message, and art direction.

With thousands of dazzling customer reviews, it was important to get every element right to build an even more personal and trustworthy experience.

We have helped transform, previously known as Diamond Manufacturers, carefully building on Vashi’s persona as ‘Your Diamond Expert.’ By showing his story through the ‘World of Vashi’, which not only charts his journey to success but also shows some of his many TV and press appearances, customers can see he really is an expert in his field. His TV advert, recently seen on E4, highlights just how meticulously each diamond is chosen, with just 1 in 10 making it into a piece of Vashi’s jewellery. By drawing on Vashi’s background and expertise in the diamond business, we’ve helped the brand develop into an online retailer with its own personality and voice.

‘Rawww have been integral to the development of our brand, and we’re extremely pleased to work with such a creative team who can really understand what we stand for, and what our customers want.’

Vashi Dominguez, CEO of

The website redesign puts mobile first. With a core audience on mobile and tablet devices, this was the only approach that made sense. We have also been active in supporting the development team to ensure the transition from design to build was seamless and resulted in a clear and intuitive customer journey. We’ve not only helped with overall brand development and a website redesign, but have also been involved in the art direction of product shoots to ensure Vashi’s diamonds are properly showcased. The end result puts the jewellery centre-stage, with our clean and modern website design allowing each diamond to really shine. Theo Louca, Managing and Creative Director of Rawww, says; ‘Our core idea was to give Vashi the title he deserved, the diamond expert. The website re-design was focused around the use of space and simplicity. We wanted the website to reflect the quality of the diamonds and the products.’


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