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Trusted childcare on demand

Kowalah rebranding and website design

The brief

Reposition Kowalah’s brand to reflect the widening scope of its online booking service as a source of background-checked sitters and childcarers and to underline its caring ethos.

Engaging photography of Kowalah childcarer and child on a walk

What we did

Parents’ prime concern when arranging childcare is trust. We captured this with new branding featuring a ‘carer and child’ logo. We also warmed Kowalah’s website, collateral and advertising using a vibrant palette, evocative photography and a friendly copytone. Social media further reinforced the transformation.

Kowalah Logo
Kowalah Branding
Evocative photography for website
Kowalah mobile app design created by Rawww
Branding and new app design for Kowalah
View our case study on Kowalah
Man holding phone using Kowalah’s childcare app
View our case study on Kowalah

“The Kowalah brand needed to balance the fine line between safely caring for children and a modern technology business. Rawww were able to craft three strong brand directions that reflected this balance, and one that really stood out and became the Kowalah brand in use today.”

- Director, Kowalah


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