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In the Spotlight… Motaquip UK – A Brand on the Move

Motaquip UK

Spring is upon us and our 10 year Rawww anniversary celebrations are in bloom with another look back for our ‘in the spotlight’ series.

Motaquip UK are a car part distribution supplier who we have had the pleasure of working with for five years, that’s since 2010… half of our ‘life’ so far!

Our collaboration with Motaquip UK includes an array of exciting work on a brand, print and digital marketing although for this blog, we’re concentrating on the brand repositioning we have implemented.

But first, let us tell you a little more about Motaquip UK… This quality focused business offers motor factors a comprehensive range of spare parts and components for an extensive range of vehicles, from Alpha Romeos to Volvos. All their service wear and tear range composes of original equipment matching quality parts – this is something that Motaquip UK is, quite rightly, proud of and part of their unique USP – and they wanted this to come across when they changed their look.

As a brand, Motaquip is long established and highly recognised by its industry, therefore a change to their brand was a big deal and we needed to make sure we did this right. Motaquip has many motor factors who they supply their parts to nationwide, and it was our job to communicate these changes in a positive manner that encourages suppliers and customers to recognise that this is a change for the better.

We want everyone to see that Motaquip is ‘a brand on the move’ with the same great service and quality products that have always been available.


We set about transforming various collateral to match the new changes and added the Rawww mark for the UK. For example, take a look at Motaquip UK’s Motawise magazine before and after the design changes; you’ll immediately see how we added a more modern approach! Feedback from suppliers and customers has been great – everyone loves the clean lines and fresher colours.

We also brand engineered their product range (from labels to point of sale) to create consistent, creative engagement across the board. Oh and their website shows the difference a new look can make too…

This ongoing project saw – and is still seeing – great creative solutions come to life nationwide.

Motaquip UK factors were reassured that they were still in same great safe hands, even with the changes going on, as they recognised that their service was going to improve and that the quality of the parts will remain.

Armed with this fresh new look, Motaquip UK is now ready for the future, wherever it may take them and we’re really proud that we were part of it.

Watch out for more project in the spotlights to mark the Rawww 10 years – until next time…


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