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In the Spotlight: Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey is a beautiful, mediaeval hotel located in Warwickshire, which specialises in providing guests with unique experiences.

We’ve enjoyed many a party and afternoon tea there, and we always have an incredible time with the hotel’s staff. So, when they asked for help with updating their website, we couldn’t wait to get started.

The brief

Coombe Abbey weren’t sure about their old website, and felt that it needed a refresh to ensure that it matched the hotel’s out of the ordinary style. On top of the aesthetics, the site wasn’t responsive, so we were tasked with making sure that the Coombe Abbey site was easy to navigate and worked with a wide range of devices.

Plus, with the end target of increasing room, table and event bookings, we helped them increase visitors to not only the site but also the hotel itself, particularly for conferences and weddings.

What we did

To make sure we ticked all of the boxes, we worked together with Coombe Abbey to create an intuitive and responsive site that was designed in a way that inspired new customers, and re-engaged existing.


We wanted to reflect the feel of the hotel and its rooms, and we achieved this by introducing experiential photography, where the size of the images were enhanced by us to completely immerse the user in the beauty of Coombe Abbey. To enhance the luxury feel of the site we used a premium design, and subtly used shades of gold and black to add opulence. On top of all this, we also included subtle animation layers and the parallaxing of images – an attention to detail that reflects the Coombe Abbey experience.

Coombe Abbey


The structure of the site was based on current customer flow information and statistics by Google Analytics, to inform a more tailored customer journey, which directed users to where they needed to be, without hassle. Although a busy hotel, from rooms to events and conferences, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that every section of the hotel has been clearly defined on the site, so that customers experience no problems.

Examples of this include, the Experience section, which provides users with the tools they need to search, book and purchase tickets for an event. We also introduced a History section, which we felt was hugely important because of Coombe Abbey’s rich heritage. On top of this, we integrated third-party systems and intricate payment gateways, which has many benefits, such as ensuring your payments are made easily and securely.

The results

The website has just been launched, so it’s still early days for hard-hitting facts and figures. But, our friends at Coombe Abbey are more than impressed with what we’ve produced, and we believe this will be reflected in the end results.

“Rawww have been an absolute pleasure to work with, understanding our vision and transferring that into a finished product. Not only have they produced what we asked for, but they have gone far beyond that by bringing their ideas and expertise to the table to take the project that extra mile.”

“The project was handled so professionally every step of the way, and this website launch has been by far the smoothest I have ever been part of. I have nothing but praise for the team at Rawww, and look forward to working with them again very soon on even more exciting and challenging projects.”

– Lisa, Coombe Abbey

Feeling inspired by the work we’ve done for Coombe Abbey Hotel? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll start the ball rolling on your next big project.

Check out the brand new Coombe Abbey site for yourself, here.


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