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Hospitality Marketing Unlocked:
How to connect with customers through email marketing

email marketing strategy

It’s time for the final insight-driven article in our Hospitality Marketing Unlocked series.

This week, we explore how to connect with guests prior to and after a visit, through an email marketing strategy for your hotel.

Compared to other online channels, email marketing is fairly inexpensive for the results it can achieve. When 91% of consumers check their emails daily, this form of content marketing allows you to regularly talk directly to customers to convey important information, build relationships and encourage bookings.

Establishing a reopening email marketing strategy

email marketing strategy

Your reopening email marketing strategy should focus on every stage of a customer’s experience with your hotel, from initial introductions, to placing a booking and being encouraged to add on extras or upgrades, to following up after a visit with reasons to return to your hotel again.

Communicating with your customers via email, offers a direct way to inform them on the new hygiene and safety measures in place at your hotel. This will not only help with reinforcing reassurance, but also educate any future guests on the guidelines that they will be asked to follow when staying at your hotel.

If you opt to implement the online ordering system for in-room dining, an email marketing campaign could be focused around encouraging guests to pre-book their dining options in advance to provide them with a tailored and seamless experience once arriving at your hotel.

Gather essential insight through data

email marketing strategy

Targeted email marketing is also a brilliant way to track your audience’s interests and measure marketing results through the number of open rates, click throughs and even website conversions.

In fact according to data collected by Econsultancy & Adestra in an industry census, 66% of marketers report email marketing delivers an ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ROI. You will be able to measure content marketing metrics from each email and analyse what content is attracting interest and what isn’t.

This will help influence and shape your marketing strategy, by using this insight to create future content that is proven to resonate with your target audience. It’s also worth considering automated marketing as a way to maximise your repeat bookings.

In our latest whitepaper ‘How to get your hotel ready for reopening within the current government guidelines and COVID restrictions’, we delve deeper into how to create a reopening email marketing strategy to capture audience interest and encourage bookings at your hotel.

Why this will benefit your hotel

Customers love convenience. By allowing guests to order and enjoy food with minimal contact through your in-room dining system, it will:

  • Ensure your hotel remains front of mind
  • Gather a database of customer data for future marketing campaigns
  • Allow you to personalise content, offers or promotions
  • Provide a direct route of communication with guests
  • Help your kitchen team plan ahead with pre-orders

Sound good?

Download our free whitepaper today to get the inspiration and insight you need to promote your hotel’s reopening with an email marketing strategy.

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