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In the Spotlight… The ‘Experience Hong Kong’ Microsite

The 'Experience Hong Kong' Microsite

Our latest ‘In the Spotlight’ feature focuses on a fantastic project we did for HKTB (Hong Kong Tourism Board).

Hong Kong is a fascinating place; alive with culture, leading edge technology and so many places to see; it’s the perfect tourist destination, and yet, the majority of tourists only visit for a few nights – often using it as a stopover destination for their travels onto somewhere else – but by doing so, they miss so much.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board looked to Rawww to inspire them with ideas that would encourage travellers to stay longer in Hong Kong, as well as make full use of their stay there. This is a place that is so alive with beauty, rich culture and traditions; there is so much to do and see, and we really wanted to show that.

We began the project armed with lots of content, ideas and information about hidden gems that we wanted to then display visually through creative digital design.

Hong Kong Tourist Board

Everything we did was fully responsive and optimised for SEO that can be found from keyword searches as well as the main HKTB website.

To the delight of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, we delivered ‘Experience Hong Kong’, our beautifully designed micro-site brimming with ideas on how to discover and experience Hong Kong according to different tastes and requirements.

Take a look for yourself and see… you’ll be booking your flight in no time! Easy to use navigation allows users to browse at their leisure with different categories on display such as the best places for food under Foodie Heaven, the vibrant nightlife under HK after Dark, where to shop under Retail Therapy and so much more including outdoor adventures under The Great Outdoors and cultural landmarks and a whole range of interesting and unusual experiences (from ‘become Bruce Lee for a day’ to go back in time with a visit to the unique and fascinating walled villages) under Spirit of the East.

This really is a treasure trove of rich, useful information that people can navigate and use with ease.

We’re so excited about this new project and how it will continue to grow as more and more people discover everything it has to offer. View the website here


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