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To deliver a visually engaging and informative creative brochure design for global-selling OEE software solutions business Gemba Solutions.



The real place for continuous improvement

As a global provider of software solutions for the manufacturing and production industry, Gemba Solutions empower their clients with the data and insight needed to make informed decisions that lead to continuous efficiency improvements. Following a brand refresh by Rawww, we used our updated brand guidelines to influence a new brochure design for the software business.


Empowering software solutions

The new 16-page brochure needed to include who Gemba are and what they are all about - bringing to the forefront not only the available products and services but also their team’s vibrant personalities. Our creative brochure design brings together all elements of Gemba - the who, the what, the how and even the why, with a page dedicated to the story behind the business.

We wanted to bring to life Gemba’s three core software products (gemba lean, gemba connect and gemba cloud) and also tell the story of clients who had previously ‘gone to Gemba’ to achieve success.


Bold and bright brochure design

Our concept behind the brochure design was to make the whole experience enjoyable for a reader. Using aspects of Gemba’s bold new branding, including the colourful fluid nodes, we designed the brochure so content had an easy flow without overwhelming the reader. Statistics, case study snippets and quotes are pulled out to catch the reader’s attention and draw attention to key information.

Gemba is not like your average software company, so we also wanted the brochure to be a little bit different to what people might expect. Instead of long blocks of text, a reader is able to absorb a lot of technical information in an easily digestible way through the strategic content structure with white space used to allow the design to breathe.

In line with Gemba’s refreshed tone of voice, we ensured the brochure’s copy tone is approachable and friendly, whilst illustrations of team members help bring a more personal to the design.

Brochure Design


“We love the new creative brochure design for Gemba Solutions. It’s bright, eye-catching and easy to follow with technical information presented in a way that is easy to digest. This brochure is now something we would be proud to hand out to potential clients.”

- Gemba Solutions

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