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Driving customer trust for the UK’s No.1 car park company

Increasing footfall to 500+ car parks nationwide

Creating a consistent customer pre-book journey

Putting trust into B2B and B2C brand

Providing a full suite of services for NCP, from developing their brand strategy to successfully delivering seasonal campaigns, car park branding and everything in between.


The challenge

To increase visitor numbers to cities, airports and train stations including, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Coventry, and communicate to customers that car parking is a simple and hassle-free task with NCP.

Building a brand that speaks to everyone

We conducted customer, partner and employee research through branded workshops on behalf of NCP. This helped us look at the bigger picture of who NCP are, how they wanted to portray themselves to their customers and determined brand positioning. We developed a suite of brand guidelines to cover all areas of the business from B2B to B2C that aligned with the NCP brand strategy.

A seamless customer journey

It was important that the customer journey remained consistently simple and easy to follow. From refreshing iconic visuals, to bringing the brand to life through creative assets for various B2C marketing channels including, their summer campaign, lockdown campaign, and the development of the ParkPass brand and App.

Driving business growth

To help grow NCP’s B2B brand, we supported the team with the onboarding of new car parks. This strategic support not only contributed to the growth of NCP as a business but also significantly improved its brand recognition in the competitive landscape of the parking industry.

Driving sales with a creative campaigns

The seasonal campaigns, including their successful summer campaign, set the scene for key times of the year, engaging customers with standout creative and increasing the footfall in NCP car parks, especially during Christmas and summer. Alongside seasonal campaigns, we also designed and delivered creative campaigns for NCP, including their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pre-book 24 hour parking offer. With compelling visuals, personalised variations and a strong call to action enhancing the overall performance.


“The team at Rawww have been a huge help pulling together our brand guidelines and have created informative, engaging documents that will help staff and external stakeholders for years to come.”

- Brand Marketing Manager, NCP

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