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Discover the top 5 design trends for 2021

2021 Design Trends

After a strange and dare we say it ‘unprecedented’ 2020, this year is the perfect time to come back with a bang by re-evaluating and developing your design styles and practices.

It’s also a chance to consider what the future will hold for graphic design. To help you navigate the next rest of 2021 and beyond, we’ve outlined the top five current graphic design trends we think you should know about.

Trend 1: Playfulness

graphic design trends 2021

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At Rawww, we feel there’s always room for playfulness in design.

When many businesses follow a very UX process online, adding a touch of playfulness brings brands to life and engages with users. We’re predicting a lot of positivity, playfulness, colour and vibrancy in designs throughout the rest of the year.

Who doesn’t want to see some uplifting design right now?

Trend 2: Retro vibes

graphic design trends 2021

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After recent events, it’s no surprise most of us are looking back on the past with fondness. This nostalgia is having a huge impact on design and we’re noticing the return of retro type and use of bold colours.

Interweaving retro vibes into your design for the rest of 2021 will have the comforting ability to transport audiences back in time and with the right font, you can add texture, depth and heritage to your brand.

Trend 3: Dynamic animation

graphic design trends 2021

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Following on from the trend of playfulness, we believe there’s always space for animation to help bring a smile to people’s faces.

From 3D and kinetic typography to characterful illustrations, this year brands will continue to realise the influence of dynamic design. As 2021 marks the year that the Covid vaccine was rolled out, expect to see colourful, quirky animations used in design to bring the sense of positivity to life.

Trend 4: Sustainable design

graphic design trends 2021

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Design should create impact, not cause an impact on the planet.

More and more, we are getting customers to consider sustainability in packaging design and materials used, to ensure they do their bit for the environment.

With many of us recently having spent more time than ever before outside finding our green fingers, we’ve enjoyed a growing relationship with our environment. Many consumers are now much more aware of the benefits of a greener world and are looking to brands to effectively respond to climate change and sustainability in their packaging design.

Trend 5: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

graphic design trends 2021

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Keeping up with traditions, Pantone has announced its colour(s) of the year for 2021. Introducing Ultimate Grey and Illuminating – two independent colours that “highlight how different elements come together to support one another”.

The colour combinations represent our collected need to feel resilience and a hope that everything is going to get brighter. Keep your eyes peeled for these two colours featuring heavily in designs through the rest of the year.

And that’s our top five graphic design trends for 2021 in a nutshell. If you’d like a hand cracking any of these trends for your brand, drop us a message.

graphic design trends 2021

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