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Dental Elite

Driving more practice sales, valuations, and recruitment in the dental community

Creativity beyond that of competitors

+ £2,000,000

Difference in practice sale prices


Increase in social engagement

To strategically develop the services and online presence of Dental Elite as the business evolves, continually elevating the brand and appealing to the target audience.



Dental Elite is a management consultancy that specialises in dental practice sales, valuations, finance, and recruitment.

With decades of combined experience and committed support, Dental Elite takes pride in delivering incredible business services in a personal way, with a focus on achieving extraordinary results.

dental elite


In order to promote more practice sales, valuations, and recruiting in the dentistry industry, Dental Elite wanted to enhance its brand to appeal to its target audience and look at ways they can differentiate themselves from competitors.

Dental Elite was searching for a creative marketing agency that could provide both online and offline services.

As their day-to-day tasks are highly time consuming, Dental Elite was seeking a dependable team to get things done efficiently and professionally, with the ability to deliver across multiple channels. The goal was to rely on one focused agency rather than having to report and liaise with several.

dental elite


As a result of our multidisciplinary marketing approach, we were able to deliver across multiple online and offline channels to achieve the best results.

Social brand awareness
Increasing brand awareness on social media is helping to develop the brand, especially with the use of innovative and creative messaging content to drive further traffic to the website.

Strong conversion rates
Evolving the website journey to ensure users can locate what they need in less than three clicks, whilst adding landing pages to aid in driving enquiries across the website.

dental elite website


Event brand consistency
The event stands at exhibits like the London Dentistry Show had to be on point and consistent with other marketing communications in terms of messaging and creative style in order to spark the industry attention of potential clients.

New thinking to advertising
A fresh approach to advertising, one that aimed to break through the noise and help Dental Elite stand out in dental magazines and publications with simple yet quirky and professional illustrations that leave a lasting impact.

dental elite designs


Valuable content
With a desire to secure and boost sales, the creation of print and digital documents like brochures, practice sales guides, and whitepapers offer valuable content that can be used as clickbait and data capture.


“Rawww were the perfect fit for what we needed. The results we're currently seeing are consistently driving higher sales and conversions with left-field creativity we wouldn't have thought of ourselves.”

- Director and Practice Valuer at Dental Elite

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