Good Stuff.

December 2022 Good Stuff Round Up

This month we take a look at campaigns and rebrands that stood out to us. From solar energy to music channels, there really was a variety of creative marketing pieces that caught our attention this month.

Join us as we discuss the Good Stuff that came out of December.

ITV change the way we watch our favourite shows

As we’re sure many of you will have noticed, ITV have rebranded for their new streaming platform identity, ITVX.

DixonBaxi and ITV came together to work towards the new brand identity, focusing on a new logo system for ITV’s five channels to go alongside their new streaming service platform, ITVX.

Following extensive customer research, the broadcasting channel aimed to make their logos feel like ‘part of the same family’, by retaining their individualities and connecting each channel to their characteristics to put both originality and connectivity hand in hand.

The ITV2 cursor is playful, whilst the ITV4 cursor takes a dynamic approach in sport to guide its users, with their redesigned grid and focus frames promoting their extensive range of characters and stories told by the channels.

The creative plays on primary colours for each channel and ITVX’s bold yellow stance, ensures the online streaming platform is quirky, yet distinctive.

This rebrand project aims to provide a flexible and visual language system that can be applied across their marketing platforms and set themselves apart from other broadcasting competitors.

They certainly have caught our attention, but have you spotted the new logo system on your television yet?

Santa’s lapland take a new authentic identity

The travel operator, Santa’s Lapland, who are known for organising package holidays to Lapland, have branched out with a new brand identity that better represents their brand and story.

Working with London-based design agency, SomeOne studio, the design team sought to gain a new brand face with new bespoke typefaces. Using traditional Sámi letterforms and techniques in their calligraphy to represent the historic traditions and languages behind Lapland, this new rustic letterform seeks cues to a more representative brand identity.

Their new pictograms and iconography have also been designed to coincide with their updated typefaces and will appear across both physical and digital platforms. These not only better represent the brand, they allow better communication with their younger audiences who may have less reading ability, allowing them to open young people’s imaginations of Lapland.

Santa’s Lapland aims to now represent the ‘search for santa’, as opposed to their previous voice coming directly from Saint Nick himself. This opens excitement for younger viewers to target their audiences more accurately and begin the adventure of Lapland from the minute you book.

We loved seeing their adverts on our televisions, did you manage to spot them over the Christmas period?

Spotify Wrapped becomes an essential part to the beginning of 2023

We all know the end of the year is approaching when we see our Spotify Wrapped. Let’s find out more about how Spotify has done so well at making this a tradition for all music lovers.

The music streaming platform has been rolling out the innovative marketing campaign since 2016, which has become a real success, allowing audiences to feel a sense of excitement to share their music tastes over the past year.

This year became even more exciting with the personal touch of introducing ‘listening personalities’ and presenting how our tastes have changed over time. Pairing both statistics with clever and amusing slogans, without mentioning their vibrant designs, this campaign is something that we all love to shout about.

With clever copy and design features being spotted around cities to advertise the campaign and shareable features, this really is becoming a tradition, represented by the total volumes of posts and engagement statistics doubling over 2022.

Spotify have cleverly branded this campaign to allow us to end the year on a positive note, using the power of our own statistics to share and discuss with the world.

Svea Solar branch out into a younger demographic with new positioning

The digital experience has been repositioned for the Swedish solar energy company, Svea Solar, creating a new flexible digital platform, made from scratch.

Svea Solar were keen to communicate with a younger and more technology-based audience. Their existing brand did demonstrate the key sustainable features of a sustainable energy company, but they wanted to create a more sleek and appealing approach.

With a shift in perspective, moving towards using green energy as their company focus, customers are able to identify and connect more with the brand’s sustainable mission. Using an electric colour palette and a slick typographic system, the brand is differentiated with a bold and modern approach.

The digital platform allows customers to track energy consumption and other key information, such as the power generation of each individual solar panel that one uses. The ability to create this customised digital platform allowed Svea Solar to generate a smooth and well-performing experience, with a new face to the energy sector.

In an ever growing industry of seeking sustainability, Svea Solar’s rebrand really has been a turning point for standing out within their market.

We share our Good Stuff round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our eyes within the creative marketing industry.

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