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December 2021 Good Stuff Round-up

With Christmas in full swing, festive campaigns and advertisements filled our screens in December. From Vodafone restoring the meaning of Boxing Day and Heathrow Airport recreating an iconic Love Actually scene, to top holiday brands gearing up for Summer, the month was bursting with creativity. 

Join us as we take a closer look at a mix of our favourite and stand-out industry work launched last month in our latest Good Stuff Round-up…

On the Beach celebrates Summertime with a festive inspired advert

With many suffering from the winter blues already, On the Beach has released its festive Summer holiday campaign. The creative ad, released on Christmas Day, celebrates Summertime by showcasing families on their holidays.  

Complemented with the soundtrack of the Christmas classic, ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’, On the Beach tweaked the lyrics to fit the holiday promotion such as, ‘get a load of the sun in a week full of fun’.

The short ad shows the joys of being on holiday and escaping the realities of everyday life, encouraging holidaymakers to book their next getaway.

Viewers will certainly be looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year with this campaign. 

Heathrow Airport recreates iconic Love Actually scene as families reunite over Christmas 

A classic Christmas film loved by the nation, Love Actually has inspired the latest campaign from Heathrow Airport 18 years later. The iconic opening scene from the festive film has been recreated to show that love is all around at Heathrow. 

The monologue, originally voiced by Hugh Grant in the film, has been modernised to reflect the current world with the ongoing struggles of the pandemic. 

The advert, shot at Terminal 3, in the very same spot as the film, shows footage of real passengers reuniting with loved ones for the Christmas period after spending months, if not years apart. 

The heartwarming advert serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come since the outbreak of Covid-19 and celebrates the love between friends and family. 

Vodafone launches ‘ReBoxing Day’ campaign to restore its original meaning 

Vodafone is celebrating the original purpose of Boxing Day to be a day of charitable giving through tackling digital exclusion in the UK.

Last month, Vodafone launched its ‘Give the Gift of Connection’ ad campaign and is now building on this by encouraging the public to donate their unwanted or unused digital devices. Vodafone then pledged to add six months of free connectivity to these devices that have been donated to its Great British Tech Appeal charity. 

With the campaign promoted via social and across TV, Vodafone also introduced a giant LED red gift box at the beginning of the month which illuminated London’s Southbank.

The fun and interactive experience use fully transparent screen technology where passers-by can pledge to donate their old devices via a mobile phone touchscreen. Participants then received a pre-paid donation pack to their home address.

Everyone who donates their old devices will have the chance to get involved in some interactivity and ‘Santa-fy’ themselves by creating a GIF on the giant mobile screen and sharing it on social using the hashtag #ReBoxingDay. 

This campaign is both an interactive and important method of raising awareness while simultaneously having some festive fun. Good job Vodafone. 

Centre Parcs powers the parents 

Centre Parcs is the ultimate family destination for a secluded and woodland retreat. In its latest campaign, ‘Family.Refreshed’, Centre Parcs pay tribute to the restorative power of its holiday villages. 

The new advert acknowledges the tiredness of families following the outbreak of the pandemic and the stresses of everyday life. Centre Parcs step in by showcasing its refreshing experiences on offer to help families recharge their batteries.

This is done through a series of creative sequences showing the activities at Centre Parcs. Illustrated by a battery bar at the bottom of the screen, each day of relaxation continually recharges the battery from empty to full as the holiday gets underway. 

This campaign really does give power to the parents. Tapping into the exhaustion felt by everyone, Centre Parcs has opened the door to its 2022 bookings.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month, when we’ll be covering our favourite campaigns and creative projects from January.

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