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Data-driven email marketing

The brief

To create a standout data-driven email campaign to drive airport parking sales on NCP’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pre-book 24 hour parking offer. The Rawww team focused on creating an engaging creative email theme that was inline with the NCP brand guidelines, but also had the impact to capture audience’s attention and boost sales through real-time integration.

What we did

Engaging the consumer with unique, relevant, and compelling visuals over Black Friday, requires a new approach. We designed and delivered two tailored separate emails promoting the parking sales for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday at NCP car parks. Both emails played on the sense of urgency, with real-time countdowns seamlessly integrated into the campaign visuals and unique variations created for every customer. This helped enhance the performance of the creative and the call-to-action.

“We were really impressed with the email designs the Rawww team developed for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. The idea was creative and very engaging for our customers.”

- Senior CRM Campaign Manager, NCP


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