Creative Agency vs In-House… Are you In, Out, or Both?

When it comes to your creative needs, will you choose a creative agency or stay with an in-house team? The demand for ideas means that more and more companies are seeing the value of looking outside their in-house team and to a creative agency who can help with those extra marketing requirements.

When you choose a creative agency (like us) you’ll discover many benefits. We’ve compiled a handy list of a few perks for you to consider when it comes to looking at a creative agency…

1. We have experience (and we know what to do with it)

We take on a breadth of work, which not only hones our strong mix of talents, it teaches and challenges us. We know what works and why, but we’re constantly adding knowledge to our database of talents and we can share all of this with each and every client that comes on board.

2. We’re a new pair of eyes (and we use them well)

If you want to see how your brand looks on the outside, go creative. Whilst we appreciate and will utilise an in-house team’s knowledge of your brand, a fresh perspective will always help, and seeing things from a different angle could make all the difference when it comes to strong brand presence, reputation and sales.

For example, look at brand giants such as Apple, Google or Microsoft – yes, they have their in-house teams, but they also seek creative counsel during different development stages as they understand the importance of using the advice and ideas of creatives on the outside.

3. We can help your in-house team grow (support is nice)

That initial bit of help from a creative agency can really make a difference to your in-house team in the long-term. After all, there are times when you may need a little bit of help starting a new creative process and once new designs, website or social media is in place, certain elements can be passed onto an in-house team to manage or even expand upon. It’s like we said before, a good creative agency will always be supportive – and that’s just what your in-house team needs to do their job.

4. We can help polish your ideas (prepare to dazzle)

Do you have a great brand, product or campaign that needs that extra edge to make it stand out? Creative agencies know just what to do when it comes to transforming your ideas on branding, products or campaigns – they’ll show you how to refine, polish and make them work for your audience with their knowledge and expertise of what works and why.

5. We know when to take a step back (you’ll see what we mean)

Your brand (and your product) is your baby and you will, quite rightly, feel very attached to it. Whilst this is important for you, we’re on hand to offer a more detached view when it is required and help you see the bigger picture of what you need to do and how you need to do it. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we don’t become attached and passionate about your brand, because we do – absolutely! But as a creative agency on the outside of your in-house team, we know when to take that step back when necessary.

6. Attachment and detachment, it’s a great partnership… Trust us, it works!

As you can see, choosing a creative agency doesn’t mean losing your in-house team and yet, this can be the fear for in-house employees who may feel that a creative agency will take their work away. But we hope we have shown that choosing to collaborate with a creative agency can be a productive partnership that will only add value to your brand.

So, next time you need help with your brand, product or a new campaign, take a leap into our world and see the difference choosing a creative agency can make.